How to make beet juice

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The beet is a very healthy food that should be included in our usual diet, as it is rich in iron, vitamin B and C, potassium and carotene. Although most occasions tend to consume cooked, you should know that the best way to take advantage of all the properties offered is to eat it raw ; And what better way to do it than making a nutritious juice. Take a step-by-step look at this How to recipe and discover how to make beet juice in just a few moments. make beet juice is delicious.


  •  2 medium beets
  •  Water
  •  Half lemon
  •  sugar or sweetener

Steps to follow to make this recipe:


The beet is a root vegetable that provides many benefits to your health at the time consuming, and in doing so from their juice you can take advantage of the following properties:


  • It stimulates the appetite and facilitates the digestion of food.
  • It is full of antioxidants, so it is excellent to fight the aging of cells and prevent some types of cancer.
  • It helps to keep blood pressure stable.
  • It helps to strengthen the immune system.
  • It favors the elimination of toxins and the purification of the organism.

make beet juice


The first thing you have to do to make this juice is to prepare the beets , cleaning them and cutting them properly. Start by removing the leaves you have and remove the tip of the root with the help of a knife. Next, wash them well to leave them free of any dirt and remove the skin with a knife or a peeler if you have it. Take into account that it is also possible to leave the skin of the beet and not remove it, but in this case the final juice will have a more bitter taste. Finally, cut the beets into elongated pieces and then combine them to cut them into cubes.make beet juice is delicious.


Pour all the pieces of beet into the blender jar and add a cup of cold water. Now it’s time to extract the lemon juice , do it using a manual or electric juicer and do not forget to strain the obtained liquid if you do not want to notice pulp remains when drinking the beet juice.


Add the squeezed lemon juice to the blender next to the beet and process at medium power all the ingredients so that they are integrated and are completely crushed. In case the beet juice has become too thick, then add a little more water and that’s it! Try it and add the amount of sugar or sweetener to taste, although you can also add some type of sweetener such as honey to have a more pleasant taste.make beet juice is delicious.

make beet juice


Although you can prepare beet juice only based on this vegetable, you can also add other fruits and vegetables such as apple or carrot to the preparation to obtain a much more nutritious and vitamin liqueur.


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