How to make coke at home

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While Pepsi and Coca Cola jealously hide their secrets to make cola drink, several organizations have launched their own recipes. Next we will see how to make coca cola at home , Open Cola, an open source drink that invites people to modify it to create a better drink. Be careful with the preparation of a homemade cola drink because if it is not done well it can be bad and even damage your health, always make it accompanied by adults. make coke at home is significant.


  •  3.50 ml of orange oil
  •  1,00 ml of lemon oil
  •  1.00 ml of nutmeg oil
  •  1.25 ml of cinnamon oil
  •  0.25 ml coriander oil
  •  0.25 ml of neroli oil
  •  2.75 ml of lime oil
  •  0.25 ml of lavender oil
  •  10.0 g of gum arabic suitable for consumption
  •  3.00 ml of water
  •  5 ml of flavoring
  •  17.5 ml 75% citric acid or phosphoric acid
  •  2.00 L of water
  •  2.00 kg of white granulated sugar
  •  2.5 ml of caffeine (optional since it will not change the taste of the drink)

 Steps to follow to make this recipe:

1.  Start by mixing

Start by mixing all the oils. Then add the gum  while you keep mixing.

2. After a minute

After a minute add the water and keep mixing. This time with a hand blender or a blender to mix all the ingredients together. This flavoring can be done in advance and stored for later use. make coke at home is significant.

3. Place it

Place it in a sealed glass jar and then to the refrigerator or keep it at room temperature. When you store it, the oil and water come back to separate, so you must mix again before use. When you’re going to use it, the gum  keeps all the mixture together.

4. Now we go

Now we go with the concentrate. Mix 5 ml of the flavor with citric or phosphoric acid. Mix water and sugar, and while doing so add caffeine if you wish. Make sure the caffeine is completely dissolved before moving on to the next step.  make coke at home is significant.

make coke at home

5. Pour the mixture

Pour the mixture of acid and flavoring little by little into the sugar mixture in the water (adding the acid to the water reduces the risk of splashing with acid – do not pour the water into the acid). Add the caramel coloring and mix thoroughly.

6. To finish making

To finish making coca cola at home you will make soda or gasify the drink . Mix one part of the concentrate with five parts of soda or aerated water. In other words, no matter how much concentrate, use 5 times more soda.

7. As you can see

ingredients can be really difficult to obtain since they are not always available in the supermarket. make coke at home is significant.

8. Try looking in special stores

Try looking in special stores ,Caffeine can be toxic in high doses . You must be careful not to add too much to the mix.

9. Like many oils

Like many oils in the preparation can irritate the skin and if you keep them for a long time in a plastic container can dissolve them , so better use some glass.  gum is available in two forms: for art and for food.

Check that it is of food quality, since you could have a very unpleasant toxic reaction to the homemade coke you have made.


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