Mermaid tail succulents, easy-care plants that will add a magical touch to your home

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If you are a fan of “The Little Mermaid”, an enthusiastic ‘plant lover’, or if you simply miss the sea, we are here to tell you something very important: mermaid tail succulents exist! These magical plants will add a much-needed fantasy to your home and bring the beach to your doorstep.

Mermaid tail succulents are known as ” crested Senecio Vitalis ” and physically look like a cross between the cactus and the succulent. This magical little plant is mother nature’s mutation of Senecio Vitalis, or “narrow-leaved chalk succulents,” which are native to the Eastern Cape of South Africa

They are a mistake of nature

The mutation that is exhibited in this plant is known as fasciation, a process that causes a root, stem, or flower head to flatten and spread outward rather than upward. We wouldn’t have a mermaid tail without it!

A very rare plant

While you can sometimes find adult mermaid tail succulents in stores, only Senecio Vitalis seeds are actually sold. Your plant may or may not go through the fasciation process; that is, it may or may not develop a ridge. It’s a matter of luck.

The crest, its best feature

The ridge is important here because without it the Senecio Vitalis is just a normal succulent with some great spikes, but decidedly less unique. The crest is what makes it spread out and look like a mermaid’s tail!

It is hard but not impossible

According to the experts who sell these types of plants, the chances of having a crest are relatively high. In a way, it is fun to take the risk as even if you don’t end up with a mermaid tail, you will become fond of your plant in the process of caring for it.

And it’s easy to care

The plant can withstand droughts, making it a great option for distracted and forgetful planters. He also loves the sun and well-drained soil.

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