The 7 best nail enamels

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Do you like to be groomed at all times, with radiant and colorful hands? To achieve this without problems, you need one of the best nail polish we bring you in this comparison in which you will find expert opinions of each of the analyzed models so that whenever you want to buy a good product at an economical price, you can do it Knowing what you are acquiring. nail enamels is important .

Essie Saltwater nail polish

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The first of all is one of the most recognized brands in the world of nail polish. Essie offers us the possibility to enjoy a wide range of products, with an exceptional quality and that will last many days without you see that the first change is broken or the color starts to go. In this case, we analyze the color saltwater, a different tonality than you usually find, but that can be used both in summer and winter and mixed with pastel blue colors, giving extra protection and care to your nails so that you keep having them as beautiful as you have them

Nail Polish Maybelline Color Show

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Maybelline has always been another of those brands that gives us confidence in all its cosmetic beauty products and that each year rewards us with the odd article that we must have in our beauty shop or beauty center. The color show range gives us that shine and tonality that we like so much in a nail polish, it has also omitted its composition many components that can cause allergy, so it is very safe to use continuously. This time we have chosen the color violet for those nights where you want to break molds and show your personality. nail enamels is important .

Nail Polish Color Show Ocean Blue

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If in the previous product of the Maybelline brand we spoke of a intense color and ideal to show all the potential you have, we find another article from the same Color Show range, but that, however, has some differences, for those days not only for parties, special events that require a much more colorful nail polish. We find Ocean Blue, a color that provides an electric glow, perfect for when you want to wear a dress or blouse with this same tone and make you see and notice. This model promises us that in just 60 seconds we will have our nails dry and ready for action.

24 Colors Nail Polish

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Sometimes when we approach a cosmetics store where they sell a wide variety of nail lacquers, we do not opt ​​for any of the colors, as they all seem perfect, however, we do not want to spend too much money to take us all. For these occasions, or even when you want to start refilling your beauty center or that of a friend, having to give her a birthday present, the best option is to buy packs or sets of this type, since for very little you get a range magnifies the most common colors that are going to be used and all for a very cheap price. nail enamels is important .

Set of 48 nail lacquer pots

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In the event that you are a lover of fashion and beauty, and you need to have a large number of nail polishes to match with any item that you are going to buy, the ideal would be to opt for this offer of 48 excellent bottles quality, being able to have access from different types of yellows, to reds, going through a huge palette of colors that will make you enjoy your passion as never before. They have a perfect brush to apply the painting with great detail, although it will also serve, with the help of a toothpick, to have colors for your most groundbreaking designs.

Nail polish 24 different colors

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We find one of the best nail enamels that you will have the opportunity to buy since you will be taking not only a wide range of 24 different colors with which to paint your nails but also a very acceptable amount of each of them, being the good size boat. You can take care of your nails with this product because it is free of toxic substances that can damage the health of them, in addition, within the lot, you will find a top coat to give greater resistance to your nails, as well as much more brightness and elegance.

Nail polish set 45

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To finish we want to do it in style, with another set of nail polishes that will help you feel professional when it comes to painting yourself or even your friends. It is a very cheap range but, however, has such a quality, that many professionals choose to buy these products, saving a lot of money and having a large palette of colors with which to create designs or simply paint according to the fashion accessory that they wear at that moment. It is ideal for a gift since it counts the boat with a very nice heart design. nail enamels is important .

Tips to buy the best nail enamels

Nail polishes are one of the cosmetic and beauty products that every woman should have among their accessories, as they give color and personality, enhancing not only the whole with which they will wear or show off the tonalities but also because they will be perfect to attract and look much more sensual, gaining in self-esteem. Although we can find nail lacquer anywhere or specialized establishment, not all will give us the guarantee we are looking for, since they can carry toxic substances or simply its duration is hardly noticeable with the high price we can get to pay. For these reasons, we believe it is convenient to create this guide in which you learn the tips and tricks to choose your ideal nail polish, getting both quality and good price.

The first thing he calls us about a nail polish is his color and above all, with what model we are going to use it and if we will use it daily. For this, we look at the tonality that counts in the jar itself, something that many people do and directly buy, but nevertheless, when they get home or try the color, they are not completely satisfied. You have, therefore, to check an example on the nail itself, checking that the color is what you really want or at least has the tonality that is approaching. On the other hand, you have to be aware that many have matte or gloss finishes, in addition to others that are decorated with glitter, ideal for partying at night. These details are also very important, because when you buy a nail polish online,

Permanent nail polish

The amount of product is essential, especially according to the times you shop to paint your nails. When you buy for example a set or set of nail polishes, like the ones we have shown you in this comparison, you can see that they are a little smaller, and that these are ideal to decorate your own nails with drawings or other designs, and it is implied that you will use the whole range, however, if you are faithful to tonality, it is advisable that the jar be of dimensions that can last several months, saving enough money. nail enamels is important .

There are other details to highlight and is that, generally, cheaper products tend to have a very short durability in your nails, having to paint in less than a week, since, after a day, you find parts in which It is cracking and, therefore, you have to remove all the paint to reapply. Others that are somewhat more expensive, will last much longer, since they are permanent nail polishes and, despite having a slightly higher price, you can also enjoy them for much longer.

The quality of the model counts, especially if you are a person who usually has allergies or you do not like the use of toxic substances since you like that the environment does not suffer the consequences of these products. When you pay more money, they are usually free of these substances, so it is better to compare prices and components they have. Within the quality we can also find the time you should wait for them to dry, having models that in less than a minute will have dry nails to continue with their decoration or ideal to carry in the bag and give that touch of color without having to spend the same life waiting for them to dry.

To finish, another of the points that you should observe is the brush with which you apply the paint to the nails. It should be noted that many of the few uses end up breaking or even worse, running out of hair, which means that while you are painting, you find a hair on the nail, completely destroying the decoration that you were creating, or simply doing that is not so perfect as you like it. It is preferable a brush that lasts all the time that the lacquer lasts and that has smaller dimensions, so that, even if you have to apply several times, know that the result will be what you are looking for.


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