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The design of modern kitchens today has been revolutionizing, but not only in the kitchen area but in each and every corner of our home. These new visions, increasingly avant-garde and far from modern design kitchens conventional styles, have come with total intensity to one of the most important spaces of the house: the kitchen. new model kitchen design is spectacular.

In any page of latest trends in kitchen decoration, we can see wonderful designs of modern kitchens full of intense colors, bright, transparent … offering a space of joy and infinite environments and styles adapted to the personal taste of each person.


new model kitchen design

To cite an example, we can find modern kitchens that look like melamine furniture in intense colors like yellow. This color full of light, bright and cheerful combines perfectly with more neutral tones such as gray, black or white and finished in stainless steel.


These more neutral tones can be found in the new extractor hoods , with a fundamental role in the kitchen. The new designs of extractor hoods will surprise you. Soon they will be moving with new and fresh air to their predecessor forms that are both characterized by being of ancient design and heavy. new model kitchen design is spectacular.

The new bells are showing in the market in the direction of modern kitchens. His designs are novel, functional and lightweight. Thus they manage to give a new personality to the kitchen. When the design of the kitchen includes an island with its burners, the extractor hoods of new designs rise majestically on the beautiful islands, creating an environment of enjoyment and design.


Corners towards which the view is directed to the kitchen unconsciously are towards the ovens. Many of them embedded in furniture backgrounds full of color. These designs attract attention for their beauty and usefulness.

The combination of the built-in ovens and multiple cupboards offer a more practical, comfortable and, above all, orderly life. It is possible to show a liberated space, simplified to the maximum exponent. Thus we managed to emphasize the predominance of straight lines. Lines that draw the essence of this vital space such as the kitchen, the kitchen of today, the modern kitchen.


new model kitchen design

Another point of great value and importance is the lighting in the modern kitchen. This plays the role that plays primordial and we do not always give it the importance it has. With a good design of lighting, we get a touch of personality that will mark every corner and space of our modern kitchen.

Lighting can offer us the same virtues as natural light. We will get it with modern kitchen lamps, innovative and modern style. We must also find its perfect location so that we can provide the appearance of a larger space, while we get the best of the environments. new model kitchen design is spectacular.


The Color is paramount in the design of a modern kitchen. We must take this into account when creating, developing and choosing a beautiful modern kitchen for our home. In addition, color is essential when we opt for furniture since it plays a fundamental role in the final design. As we said before, the colorful furniture complements and combines perfectly with more muted, neutral tones. The conjugation of these different tonalities manages to show a space in which to the joy of bright colors, at the same time avoiding overloading the environment.

Another important aspect is playing with lots of light. By having a lot of light in a color space we can give importance to the fundamental elements of the kitchen since the finishes are simplified to the maximum. In this way, we can highlight the whole dining room. Thus, this dining room can be composed of a beautiful round table. We can even accompany it with a practical and original cup holder. Finishes the set with transparent acrylic chairs. This way we get them to stand out for a modern and minimal design. A perfect space to share endearing moments.


new model kitchen design

Depending on the dimensions on which you can work when it comes to shaping the style and design of a modern kitchen, we can also find smaller spaces, but that does not limit us when creating a beautiful and avant-garde space.

On many occasions we tend to think that many small spaces are a major obstacle when creating a modern kitchen. Never farther from reality in most cases. We must bear in mind that each space is a raw material full of potential to turn it into something innovative, personal and modern. new model kitchen design is spectacular.

In these cases of reduced spaces, we work with another series of elements of equal prominence that could have a large kitchen and its distribution is studied to get the best out of each corner, making the most of the totality of its space. You can visit our article on small kitchens to have more ideas that you will love.

new model kitchen design

To give an example of how an integral design of a small kitchen could be carried out, instead of creating a central island that would be impossible in this case, we would resort to the creation and setting of a modern and cheerful breakfast room. In this way, we manage to lighten the space and at the same time give it a more cheerful, youthful and modern touch. To this, we can combine the front walls with clear wooden panels. On these panels the cupboards could be fixed that we can present them in a lime green color very bright and bright. On the floor is on a porcelain floor. The combination of this lime green color with white and together with a sectorized lighting would offer us as a final result a beautiful, warm and modern kitchen in which the small details, such as crockery and decorations, would put the final touch

A proposal in this way is innovative as well as original and modern and is not at all at odds with being designed in dimensions of smaller kitchens.


new model kitchen design

Giving an end to this brief introduction on the elements and factors involved in the modern kitchen, we will give way to one of the elements of great importance: the kitchen islands. These are characterized by their multiple functionalities, for being a point of connection between different elements of the kitchen and, let’s not forget, because they bring great beauty to the kitchen.

The large modern kitchens are differentiated by presenting beautiful kitchens with islands, functional, comfortable and attractive and modern designs.

Examples of kitchen designs with the island:


For example, we can find a wonderful integrated kitchen and dining room design. We can start with wooden floors and stainless steel appliances. In addition, the introduction of beautiful lamps with transparent tulips, conical shapes, large, showy will give great prominence. They are a very used element in modern interior decoration. And we will arrive, as a final point, to that area where all the elements of the kitchen converge, and which is none other than the island itself in the modern kitchen. An island well integrated into the design of the kitchen will shine both for its strength and for the prominence with which it emerges in space. new model kitchen design is spectacular.

The island that is presented central, large, low, accompanied by velvet upholstered banquettes, very distinguished, surrounding the white counter, which is large to arrange the dishes and with such harmonious contrast maintains with the rest of the elements.


new model kitchen design

In other designs of modern kitchens in which light is the main element of the decoration, we can find curved ceilings, unlike space. Space that can be surrounded by large white cabinets, combined with natural wood. Thus we will give way to a central island, with the separate dining table, on a slope, which serves as a breakfast table and which becomes a very modern and widely used in kitchen designs.


Similarly, we can be dazzled by those kitchens where color plays its precious game and where we combine intense colors in certain areas of the walls, as opposed to others that appear with neutral tones that soften and lighten the environment. We are facing a large, modern kitchen in which the floors are dark porcelain contrasting with bright white furniture and in the center, the island. An island that emerges with its burners, crowned by a light, modern stainless steel cylinder bell.

This set may well become an alternative to the islands that are destined to spend dishes or breakfast, a design that combines well and is part of the success of modern kitchens.



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