Orange blossom tea: what are its benefits and how to prepare it

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The infusion of orange blossom is well known for its use in the preparation of bread of the dead, however, its uses go beyond gastronomy, as it has properties that can benefit our health. We tell you what orange blossom tea is for and how to prepare it, do you dare to try it?

We cannot deny that the bread of the dead is one of the favorites of Mexicans, so much so that we look forward to the arrival of its season throughout the year to enjoy it. Although today there are many variants and recipes, one of the best known and most traditional is the one that includes orange blossom water among its ingredients.

What is an orange blossom?

The orange blossom is a white flower that is obtained from trees such as orange, lemon, and citron, hence it is also known as orange blossom. When infused, the tea and orange blossom water are obtained, the latter used in the preparation of the bread of the dead and other recipes.

But it is not its only use, since this flower is attributed to therapeutic properties, which is why it has an important place among natural remedies to calm certain conditions.

Undoubtedly, traditional medicine is one of the great cultural heritage of each country, however, it is important to know what each infusion is for if it can become toxic, and always notify your doctor about its use, especially if you are taking a medicine or suffer from any disease. Likewise, let us remember that although they can be useful in many cases, generally mild, they should not replace medical care, especially if your discomfort does not subside.

What is orange blossom tea good for?

The tea blossom is known for its calming effects, to help combat tension headache, the menstrual cramps, the symptoms of flu, and even upset stomach.

According to the publication UNAMirada a la Ciencia, from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the orange blossom has been a key ingredient in infusions against nervousness, headaches, and lack of sleep for a long time, however, it is not known. he knew the reason for this effect.

After an analysis, led by Dr. Andres Navarrete Castro, head of the Laboratory of Pharmacology of Natural Products of the Faculty of Chemistry of UNAM, it was determined that the responsible compound is hesperidin, which generates a sedative effect in the body, that is, it slows down movement and promotes sleep.

Likewise, it was found that what it does is stimulate adenosine receptors, which accumulates throughout the day in the body, so that at night we have the necessary levels to make us sleepy. Adenosine fulfills different functions in our body, but in the case of our brain, it acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter, so it can act as a depressant of the central nervous system.

The best thing about hesperidin from orange blossom flowers is that being light, it does not cause addiction or changes the next day. Of course, Dr. Navarrete reiterates the importance of being careful when using medicinal plants, although orange blossom tea can help you enhance sleep on certain occasions and used it from time to time.

Similarly, you can take it when you have an upset stomach, such as pain, heartburn, nausea and even to counteract menstrual cramps. Or, combined with honey, it is often used to relieve cold and sore throat symptoms.

Finally, according to a text by the Peruvian doctor, Fernando Cabieses Molina, it can serve as an aid to “calm the nerves” and relieve tension headaches. The National Library of Medicine of the United States explains that it is caused by muscular tension in the shoulders, neck, scalp, and jaw, related to stress, depression, anxiety, holding the head and neck in an abnormal position, or even head trauma.

How is orange blossom tea prepared?

To prepare an orange blossom infusion, you only need:

* 1 cup of water

* 10 orange blossom

  1. Boil the water with the orange blossom flowers for about 3 minutes.
  2. Strain when serving and sweeten to taste with a touch of honey.

You can take it 2 hours before sleeping to “catch the dream.” Be careful, like any natural remedy as well as if you have a pre-existing disease, it is better to consult your doctor in case of pregnancy or in young children.

One last tip: did you know that you can also use orange blossom water as a tonic for your skin? That’s right, it will help you hydrate, refresh, and tone your skin, in addition to preventing acne, take the test.

Now that you know what orange blossom tea is for and how to prepare it, don’t hesitate to use it on those days when stress and worries invite insomnia to your bed. But of course, don’t neglect your sleep habits and look for activities to deal with stress.

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