The 10 best plugins for WordPress

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Are you going to create a website in WordPress, but do not know what plugins to use? We want to make it easy for you and for that we show you a list of the best WordPress plugins of the moment. This way you can be sure that your website will be complete and work better. plugins for WordPress are important .


plugins for WordPress

For me, it is one of the most complete plugins today. Not only offers us the option to avoid the annoying spam of our website made through WordPress, but also I can assure you that it is very easy to configure. Also, if you are not a professional website, the service is totally free, which means that it is a very interesting option that should not be missing.


plugins for WordPress

If you are looking for a plugin as complete as possible, through which you can enjoy many services, I invite you to take it into account. It really is a plugin that will do the service of 24 plugins, hence almost all websites are already enjoying it. Among other things it will show you the statistics, it will spread your articles published automatically through the social networks (before you will have to configure it), it will show in your articles social buttons, it will improve the photo gallery, it offers a contact form, orthographic correction system … that is, we are talking about a plugin that is not very heavy, but which in turn will give you very good results. But not only is it very broad, it is also free, that is, you can use it on any website made through wordpress. plugins for WordPress are important .

Google XML Sitemaps

plugins for WordPress

Through this plugin you will be able to send your sitemaps better to the great search engine. It will create very simple sitemaps that will later be sent to the search engine. Moreover, it has been shown that it is one of the best plugins when it comes to positioning a website, because the search engine understands them quickly. If you have problems when positioning your articles, it may be a good option to install them. You will see how the sitemaps like Google, which will result in more visits and therefore more growth for your website.

Contact Form 7

plugins for WordPress

One of the most important sections of a website are the contact forms. If you do not have it installed on your website and you want to create it in a simple way, do not hesitate and bet on this simple plugin. It is very easy to install and configure and more than one visit will thank you for having it installed. In addition, it has been shown that search engines also favor websites that include forms, so you do not lose anything by installing it. plugins for WordPress are important .


plugins for WordPress

If you want to install an attractive bar of social networks so that your articles are shared more easily through them, this plugin will be very useful.

This is one of the highlights of this article on social network plugins because it is one of the most complete in its category. Among other things, it has a large number of options when it comes to personalization, at the same time it includes a counter that will allow you to see the times your articles have been shared through the networks. It also allows you to put where you want to install it within the article and choose the social networks through which you can share the articles of your website. It really is perhaps the best social media plugin.

Simple Optimizer

plugins for WordPress

If you want your website to work well, this plugin will help you get it. Think that this plugin has been designed to eliminate all the garbage that is gradually accumulating, which means that it will help you to avoid that the blog or the web can be slowed down due to such garbage. This program has a paid and free version. But I can assure you that if your website is not professional, with the free version it will be more than enough to get good results. plugins for WordPress are important .

Cookie Law Info

plugins for WordPress

As you know, for a while, all websites have to inform their visitors of their cookie policies through a banner. If you do not want to complicate your life a lot, I invite you to use it. It is very easy to install and program and so you can be sure that your website meets all the legal requirements. Moreover, you must remember that if your website reads cookies, it must show that informative banner, even if you are not monetizing it. Everything is to avoid legal problems.

W3 Total Cache

The cache is very important in a website when it comes to making it work well. If you want the cache to be of quality and therefore your pages can load more quickly, I invite you to try this free plugin. Yes, before installing it I recommend asking the company that offers the hosting if the plugin is compatible with the server you are using. If the company gives you the approval, I invite you to try it because you will get very good results. Of course, you should know that good programming will give you good results.


plugins for WordPress

If you want everyone to know who is the author of the blog or who writes in it, this plugin will be very useful. Its function is to create an information box for the author, where you can put all the information you want your readers to know.

In addition to its functionality, I really like the plugin for its aesthetics, which makes it very well integrated into the vast majority of websites. Moreover, you can choose if you want the information to be placed at the beginning or at the end of the post, that is, it is very useful. plugins for WordPress are important .

Table of Content Plus

plugins for WordPress

If you want to create simple tables on your WordPress website, this function will be very useful. With this plugin you can create tables quickly and easily fill them without any complication, that is, you will not have to know about programming. To this, we must add that you can add h1, h2, h3 … inside the table to better organize the data and get your visitors to understand them quickly. To create tables, in my opinion, is the best option and therefore it is normal that it is the most used alternative.

Tips to choose the best plugins for WordPress

Before starting to go down like crazy, it is important that we create a list with the plugins we need. Thanks to this list we will know what plugins our website needs and above all we will avoid forgetting any of them. If you listen to me, make a list and when you have it complete, install them in your online project.

Once you have them installed, you should not forget that the plugins have to be updated so that you can enjoy the improvements they offer. In addition, you should not forget to look at the support to be sure that you are using a plugin that is updated every so often to offer you the best. plugins for WordPress are important .

You should not make the mistake of installing two plugins that do the same function. Not only will they remove power and resources from your website, but in some cases, they can cause other problems, which could even penalize you in the search engines. Hence, it is so important to have a good list.

If you install a plugin and you realize that you do not like it or it does not give you the results you expected, this is the time to change it for another. Thanks to there are many options to choose from, you can change without problems. What’s more, if you bet on free plugins, you’ll have it easier since you will not have to spend money. Remember, the plugins that I have presented you will be very useful, but for whatever reason may not work with your project. If this is the case, you just have to search and test between plugins until you see that you get a perfect balance.

Do not forget that if a plugin is not updated for a long time, it could be outdated. If you see that the creator does not update it for any reason, it may be an idea to change the plugin for a more modern and updated one. plugins for WordPress are important .

If you have doubts about whether a plugin is a quality or not, you always have the option to read information about the reviews that other users have written. Thanks to this information you will realize if the plugin really does the function you are looking for or not.


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