Securing Development Finance: A Guide for Brokers

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Nowadays, the world of development finance has gone through a lot of changes during the past few years when a good deal of development lenders have dropped out and as a result lead to difficulties in obtaining proper funding for this particular market. Despite what has happened in the past few years, there are still a good number of legitimate and trusted lenders who are still willing to lend money. When it comes to searching for the ideal lender however, there are certain things that people can do to become more successful in securing development finance funding.

The Development Finance Market

Development finance is very important nowadays if an investor would want to bring about growth, in a particular area or company. The market for development finance is still continuously growing but now, there aren’t many banks that provide this type of lending yet. Since there aren’t many lenders in this market, the competition is not too strong and as a result, high pricing and high interest is very likely in the market of development finance. Lately, however, there has been a notable growing demand for this type of funding and if this trend continues, people can expect to find more people investing in this market. Banks may also soon be more open to development finance funding.

Considering the Type of Development to be Financed

One thing that brokers should put a lot of consideration into is the type of development to be financed. It can be a very difficult task to secure development funding for commercial constructions, these days. The reason for that can be because of the limited number of exit routes on behalf of the lender.

Getting funding can either be easy or difficult, depending on the type of development to be financed with respect to the location of the establishment to be developed. In places with high demand for development, funding can be much easier to get but in places that are yet to grow, it can be quite impossible to secure proper development funding.

What Brokers can do to Increase the Chance of Securing Development Funding?

The brokers have a lot to do if they want to get the development finance funding they are looking for. For one, brokers should know all the information about the development they plan on doing and should be able to relay all of that information to the lenders in a way that the lender would appreciate what the brokers are doing. Skills in communication can really help a broker. In the package of information that the broker should relay to the lender, this should include the resume of the developers, a breakdown of where the loan will be going, financial situation of the business for the past 2-4 years, and a project summary.

Brokers can only do so well, if they have a good network of lenders. It is very unlikely to secure the development funding from the first lender you meet. Building good relationships as a broker is thus a very crucial thing in securing the required development funding. Like most things, brokers with experience are more likely to win the favour of lenders.


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