How to sell sushi at home: tips to help you get started

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Setting up a business like sell sushi at home can bring many profits to its owner because people are willing to pay for food to arrive at home and more if it is something different and they do not eat every day. In addition, in the food delivery sector, junk food abounds, so that direct competition, in this case, would be reduced and would be a considerable advantage.

If you want to start a business of this type, then we share eight tips that will help you get it. Take note!

 1. Plan

Lack of planning is reason enough for a business to fail. Improvisation could be favorable on rare occasions, so it is better not to take risks and always go for it. In addition, in a business like this, it is more than necessary to lay the foundations from the beginning to exploit its novelty in the market.

Create a business plan in which you state on paper how you project the enterprise. Do a market study to know if in the areas where you plan to deliver the sushi has the expected demand, what other complementary products you can add to your inventory, etc. sell sushi at home is a good business.

You should also estimate the investment costs and prepare yourself with strategies for any scenario, including bankruptcy. It is about detecting and avoiding possible errors before they occur.

2. Learn to make good sushi

Even though you are not the one who prepares the food, it is necessary that you know what ingredients are used and each step of its elaboration process. This will be very useful in case you need to attend the business yourself at any time or to get the variety and level of quality you expect.

Remember that you can not sell something you do not know and expect customers to be satisfied if you are not satisfied with your products.

Leave your trademark, play with the flavors and ingredients, make people recognize you for the taste and quality of your products.

3. Structure of its production space.

Although home delivery may be exempt from a physical location to serve customers, a kitchen and preparation area for dishes is also necessary. In addition, the site must have current health regulations.

To be up-to-date in this section, you must go to the City Council of your locality and ask for information about the requirements of sanitary control of food handling for trade. If you skip this step, they could fine you and even close your business. sell sushi at home is a good business.

4. Equipment needed to sell sushi at home.

To start your business selling sushi at home, you must acquire all the necessary equipment. This includes everything from the administrative area (computer equipment, telephone) to the utensils and supplies for the production of sushi.

In the kitchen area the following is required:

  • polyethylene cutting board.
  • Bamboo mat for sushi.
  • hashis (chopsticks).
  • sushi knife
  • knife to clean the fish.
  • tongs to remove the spines from the salmon.

For home deliveries, you will also need disposable containers, paper or plastic bags, napkins, etc.

Finally, you must have a suitable vehicle to take the food to the home or office of your customers. The size (motorcycle or car) will depend on the demand of your orders.

5. Delivery system

sell sushi at home

In a food delivery business, the delivery system is one of the key points for success. Of course the food must be of excellent quality, but if it is not delivered on time or with a presentation that leaves a lot to be desired, customers probably will not call again.

So that does not happen to you, hire reliable, educated, attentive and with good presence. In addition, vehicle papers and driver’s licenses must be in order.

6. Make agreements or associations.

To make your business known and reach as many customers as possible, it is convenient that you seek to associate with take-away food applications, so that your service appears among its listings.

There are many pages and applications dedicated to this, you just have to make sure they are recognized and have good recommendations. Nor is the idea to make agreements with companies that do not work well.sell sushi at home is a good business.

If you manage to enter one or two applications, your sales will increase considerably, because most of those who download this type of apps are customers who usually order food with delivery frequently.

7. Invest in disclosure.

Social networks are tools that you can get a lot of profit for your business. Not only do people spend a lot of time a day in them, but by having a window on the Internet where you can show your work, it will be easier to attract followers.

Invest in the creation of a corporate image that invites you to trust. No potential customer will take your profile if there is no style unit, if the photographs are of poor quality, if they do not update almost, etc.

On the other hand, the use of labels, the appropriate and dynamic interaction with your followers and perhaps some squeeze contests, can help your community grow organically.

8. Loyalty programs.

Finally, investing in loyalty programs will make your customers buy your products more often. It consists of creating a system of coupons, so that with each purchase they make accumulate points to obtain discounts and even free products in their next purchase.


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