18 amazing benefits Silva method of meditation

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Meditation is a way to achieve peace of mind and greater awareness. And ‘known to reduce stress, strengthen the immune system and improve health. There are several types of meditation, and the Silva method is one of the popular meditations. In this article, we analyze the Silva method of meditation.

José Silva designed the self-help . It provides learning of guided imagery techniques to reduce negative thinking by “rewiring” the subconscious. And ‘known for helping you tap your potential and reach goals.

This method of meditation is known to improve the image of themselves and to promote positive thinking. A sense of personal well-being results in relaxation and brain development.

What is the idea behind Silva method of meditation?

The Silva Method is based on three principles and they are.

Alpha and Theta States Of Mind

These states refer to the states of brain waves. When you are in alpha and theta state of mind, it is equivalent to meditation, and the person becomes able to put your body in a state of conductive healing.  This state of mind also helps us overcome negative habits, such as smoking, heavy drinking, etc. The person will also be easier to overcome negative thoughts.

The healing power of Images

The visualization of the final results is the healing images. Once the person is in alpha or theta state of mind, imaginary healing can be done. One thing to keep in mind is that visualization in the present. The feeling that you want to materialize must be heard in the present and not a fantasy in the future. If you want to overcome pain, for example in the abdominal area, you are bound to feel that you have no pain now.

DBE Thought Process

DBE is synonymous with desire, believe and wait. The Silva method expects one to develop first a deep desire for the goal. It is knowing what exactly you want. The next step is to believe with all my heart that it is possible to achieve the goal. After that, it should not be full of goals about to happen. This can apply to small goals, minor health problems of the main objectives and serious problems. DBE is based on the placebo effect. It can trigger self-healing if the patient believes that he or she can be cured. The fact is that current medications are treated versus placebo to evaluate the efficacy of these drugs and that it shows the power of the placebo.

Benefits of the Silva Method

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The basis of the Silva method is teaching people to listen to their body and control their mind’s use. The skills that the Silva method teaches are:

1.The deep relaxation of body and mind.

2.Immediately meditating with eyes closed or open.

3.Cure for insomnia ─ Go to sleep in a minute.

4.Pain control ─ Silva practitioners do not mind intermediate pain, and can get full cavities or receive colonoscopies without anesthesia.

5.The control of blood flow, with consequent primitive temperature control – ‘send heat’ to the hands or parts of the body.

6.Self-diagnosis of mental and emotional problems.

7.Memory playback of past events (useful for finding dropped keys, etc.).

8.The intuitive understanding of the sides of the same unconscious (useful for overcoming the blocks).

9.The intuitive understanding of unconscious sides of others.

10.Brainstorming and idea formation.

11.The level of control energy.

12.Self-diagnosis of physical problems.

13.The increase in car healing rates through visualization and the laying on of hands.

14.The increase in cure rates in others.

15.The increase in cure rates in another distance.

16.Remote viewing

17.Telepathy empathy.

18. As you can see, the Silva meditation method has many benefits ranging from telepathy to relax the mind and body. One other significant benefit of practicing the Silva meditation method is to control pain. Chronic pain is one of the common disorders and through this method.

Keep in mind

meditation is one of the easiest ways to achieve peace of mind. Remember also that physical illnesses trigger serious emotional response and learn to manage emotions and feelings, you can control the way the body functions. Methods like Silva meditation help to do just that. Please keep in mind that these techniques are not a complete replacement for medical treatment. Be careful while you practice.

Now that you know the basics of the Silva method, let us know if you give it a try. Share your thoughts by commenting below.


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