Some Big And Successful PR Stunts

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The biggest aim of staging a PR stunt is to raise awareness of your brand and stimulate word of mouth excitement. Events and stunts can prove more economical than a pricey ad campaign and such actions have proved extremely successful for many top brands. Here are some examples of the biggest and best PR stunts that brands have recently engaged in:

NowTV and the Jeff Goldblum statue

When the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park came around, NowTV decided to stage a stunt as big as a dinosaur! A giant statue of Jeff Goldblum posing in a sexy way was erected right in front of Tower Bridge in London. With Jurassic World 2 being released in 2018, NowTV wanted to create a lot of buzz around the release. It certainly drew plenty of interest and media frenzy with the 23 foot long and 331 pound statue of one of the main characters. The other clever tactic was to only leave it there for a short time.

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Cadbury’s Creme Egg Cafe

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between experiential marketing and a PR stunt and it could be argued that this attempt by Cadbury’s was a clever mix of both. When Cadbury’s set up their pop-up cafe, it caused quite a stir. Who doesn’t love chocolate right? Running in the months before Easter in 2016, a pop up Soho cafe covering 3 floors became a chocolate heaven. There was a ball pit for kids and a whole range of menu items containing creme eggs! If you want advice on staging a PR stunt for your business, consider a Cheltenham PR Agency like

Marshmallow Man, Ghostbusters

For sheer size and impact, the installation of a giant Marshmallow Man outside Waterloo Station was genius. The event was to publicise the release of the new Ghostbusters movie and the presence of this spooky installation sure did give commuters an Instagram worthy shot. It was a success as it provoked nostalgia in older viewers by using such an iconic Ghostbusters image and sparked interest in a younger generation as well. It certainly got people talking about the movie franchise again.

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Carlsberg Poster

Carlsberg have long been successful with ‘probably the best lager in the world’ slogan. This has been used in countless marketing campaigns that are all highly effective. In 2015, Carlsberg put up a poster in Brick Lane in London that simply read ‘probably the best poster in the world’. The twist was that the poster dispensed free beer. It was right on-brand and people loved it. It attracted 3 million Twitter impressions in just one day with the hashtag ‘probablythebest’

Red Bull, New Moon Party

Red Bull are renowned for their outlandish and adventurous stunts and the one in March 2018 was no exception. People wearing wingsuits equipped with sparkler mechanisms jumped out of helicopters over Los Angeles. As they jumped at sunset, people on the ground thought they were seeing aliens land or comets shooting to Earth!

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