Songs to inspire you to get involved in clinical research

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Have you been thinking about the amazing advances in medicine and healthcare over the last couple of years? Has this inspired you to look into what it takes to be a clinical trial volunteer? If so, be inspired even more with these songs dedicated to all things medicine:

Kings of Medicine, Placebo

The modern day kings of medicine could be the pharmaceutical companies who work tirelessly to create new and revolutionary treatments for all kinds of diseases and illnesses. Scientists work in labs around the clock to find ways to improve the human health experience.

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My Medicine, Snoop Dogg & Everlast

We all have different medical needs and for some of us, that means taking medicine or receiving treatment on a regular basis for an ongoing condition. To establish the best treatments for a particular condition, trials are often held and this can improve patient care when doctors can prescribe the best treatments first time.

Magic Medicine, Incubus

It might seem like magic but drugs, vaccines and devices are the result of many hours and years of research and often failure before success. Scientists are creating new vaccines and faster ways to respond to public health threats all the time. It might feel like magic but it takes grit, determination, hard work, funding and of course – volunteers for trials! For more information on TQT Studies, visit

Medicine Man, David Lee Roth

Of course, today there are medicine men and women with science fast becoming a field where there are equal numbers of both men and women working in scientific roles. Long gone are the days when medicine was purely a field for the men. Florence Nightingale soon put those notions to rest!

Doctor Feelgood, Motley Crue

Participants on a clinical trial are treated superbly and made to feel very comfortable. There will be tests and questionnaires but participants can enjoy getting a thorough health MOT as part of the process. A trial might involve several day visits to a medical facility or a stay on a ward but it’s made to be a pleasant and comfortable experience for all.

Doctor Doctor, UFO

Volunteers on a trial will have access to trained medical personnel at all times, including doctors, nurses and healthcare assistants. In fact, important trials often have the best in the field engaged in the project so participants know they are in safe hands.

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Stayin’ Alive, Beegees

It goes without saying that the whole purpose of medical research is to improve lives and save lives. They are about finding more effective treatments with less side effects. Whether it’s a device for helping to quit smoking, a new pill for blood pressure or a cutting edge vaccine to combat an emerging disease, trials are a vital part of the process in getting new treatments to market.

Just What the Doctor Ordered, Ted Nugent

Trials sometimes ask for people with certain conditions to test new medication for their symptoms. This can be a great opportunity to be the first to try something new, if previous medication was unable to help your problem.

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