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on the occasion of the Internet Day celebrated around the world today, May 17. We want to share a series of “10 tips for surfing the Internet “.

The internet has been and is a constant breakthrough that came to change our lives. But as it has its infinity of advantages,

 Avoid suspicious link

Avoiding clicking on them prevents access to web pages that have threats the user. The links can be present in an email, a chat window or a message in a social network. The key is to analyze if they  offered in a suspicious situation  come from  an unreliable website.For example, an invitation to see a photo in a language other than your own.

 Do not access websites of dubious reputation

many websites are often promoted with data that can get the user’s attention. Such as discounts on the purchase of products (or even free offers). It  recommended  that the user is aware of these messages . They avoid accessing web pages with these features.

 Update the operating system and applications

the user must keep updated with the latest security patches in the operating system. But also the software installed in the system in order to avoid  threats.

 Download applications from official websites

many sites are offering popular programs that  contain some type of malware and download the malicious code when the user installs it on the system. Therefore, it recommend that downloading applications  from the official websites.

 Use security technologies

antivirus, firewall, and antispam solutions represent the most important applications for the protection of the computer against the main threats that spread over the Internet. Using these technologies decreases risk and exposure to threats.

 Avoid the entry of personal information in questionable forms

when the user is faced with a web form containing fields with sensitive information (for example, username and password). It is advisable to verify the legitimacy of the site. A good strategy is to corroborate the domain and the use of the HTTPS protocol to guarantee the confidentiality of the information.

Be careful with the results thrown by web search engines

through Black Hat SEO techniques, attackers often position their websites among the first places in the results of search engines. Especially in the case of searches of keywords widely used by the public.

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 Accept only known contacts

both in instant messaging clients and in social networks, it is advisable to accept and interact only with known contacts. This prevents access to the profiles created by the attackers to communicate with victims and expose them to various threats such as malware, phishing, cyberbullying or others.

 Avoid the execution of suspicious files

the propagation of malware is usually done through executable files. It is advisable to avoid the execution of files unless you know the security of it and its origin is reliable (whether it comes from a contact in the instant messaging, an email or a website).

 Use strong passwords

many Internet services are protected with an access code, in order to protect the privacy of the information. If this password was simple or common (widely used among users) an attacker could guess it and therefore improperly access it as if it were the real user. For this reason, it is recommended to use strong passwords, with different types of characters and a length of at least 8 characters.

As always, good practices serve to increase the level of protection and are the best accompaniment for security technologies. While the latter is responsible for preventing the likelihood of some type of incident, the education of the user will make it less exposed to existing threats, something that surely any reader will want in their daily use of the Internet.

We take advantage of the day in question to celebrate with all of you the existence of the Internet, together with all those who from their place trying to make the use of technologies an experience for the good … and safe.



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