Three Career Self-Reinvention Movies Like The Intern

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With changing times come changing careers, and movies just like The Intern gift approaches wherein each old and young human beings alike modify to such activity shifts.

The legendary Robert De Niro portrays a mild-mannered 70-year-old widower who works as an intern at an online fashion retailer. Its young CEO, played by Anne Hathaway, learns a component or two from the old-timer who nevertheless makes smart business sense. The lighthearted drama compares how generations react to poignant career changes.

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Two longtime salesmen find themselves jobless when their employer closes his commercial enterprise. They sign up in a Google internship program to hopefully land a Job—even though they don’t have enough tech-savvy and information.

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn join forces as adults who can’t use the digital era to save their lives. The film suggests intergenerational demanding situations in competing with technology-driven jobs but also emphasised that both may want to learn from each other.

Though it appears like a huge Google commercial as a few critics mentioned, the movie still offers an almost correct take look at what takes place internal such as tech giants.


CHEF (2014)

A hotheaded chef’s public meltdown leads him to unemployed, at the same time also giving him back the threat to get in touch along with his love for cooking the delicacies he needs, and transforms this love into a brand new food truck business.

Jon Favreau directs himself in a story he wrote approximately how a person could reinvent himself even after hardships and public scrutiny. After serving a glamorous eating place, his chef individual grounds himself in ways that might centre him in his career all over again.

Movies just like The Intern and Chef ship encourage messages to set up professionals that rebranding one’s life is possible nowadays, and winning jackpots at best real money casinos in USA is also possible.



A sports agent gave a revelation that slandered his company getting him fired. In rebuilding himself along with his own organisation, he finds more epiphanies in coping with professionals of his calibre and receiving love from folks outside the limelight.

Tom cruise’s Memorable “Show me the Money” line is now iconic thanks to this film. It has a very good stability of high-power scenes, gentle moments, and a fascinating behind-the-scenes peek at the way the sports activities industry runs from the business side.

Watch how its heartwarming and amusing mix of romance, professional speak, and sports made this the 9th maximum-grossing film of 1996.

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