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Initial history of HP laptops

HP is a company originally founded by William Hewlett and Dave Packard in the year 1939 in California, United States, and that in 2015 was divided into two: HP inc. and Hewlett Packard. The first, which is what concerns us, was the production of laptops and printers, while the second was devoted to the sale of servers, networks, and services to third parties, among other activities.

In the year 1984, during the portable boom driven by several manufacturers, HP produces its first equipment with these characteristics, the HP-110. Like the other laptops of the time, it was a heavy device, low performance and high weight, which was not a great commercial success, but that would be the prelude to what the company massively produce a few years later.

Acquisition of Compaq and global highlight.

The true turning point for the company in the line of laptops occurs in the first years of the new millennium when in 2002 it acquired the shares of Compaq, one of the main producers of laptops during the 90s. From that moment, HP would begin to impose its leadership in this sector.

Without delving into further descriptions, it can be concluded that there are 3 key guidelines managed by HP that have allowed it to achieve success. These are:

Economy Ahead

This has always been one of the primary premises of HP laptops. Every year they bring to the market equipment of sophisticated appearance and great benefits for a cost that can range between 250 EUR and 500 EUR, very economical options compared to the current offer.

Enough variety

HP has made efforts to offer the consumer equipment with different appearance and technical specifications, which allows the choice of the laptop that best suits your requirements. Go to a computer store, and you will surely find a greater variety of HP laptops than any other brand.

Technical support everywhere

This is another of the aspects that the brand has tried to offer fully, and go that has achieved. Through its web platform and its technical support centers endorsed in many countries around the world, you will always have the option of receiving advice, repairing your equipment and obtaining original spare parts.

HP Notebooks: Outstanding models.

– Series pavilion (The longest and surrendering).

It is one of the first series created by the manufacturer. Currently you can find very sophisticated models, including touchscreen, hinges 360 degrees, and of course, components to ensure the best performance. Due to all its characteristics, they tend to be the most expensive.

– Envy Series (The most elegant).

Along with the pavilion, it is the most luxurious and elegant series of the brand. With features that may include 7th generation Intel i7 processors and Full HD screen, among other specifications, it will have a computer of great beauty and response to your needs.

– EliteBook Series.

Ideal for students and daily tasks in the home, the EliteBook series will offer you an economical design adjusted to your pocket, without leaving aside the necessary performance to perform effectively in the tasks that you entrust.

– OMEN Series (Special for Gamers).

The brand has not left aside the demands of gamers, by offering this series with the specifications required by these users. With a 100% gaming look, high-performance processors and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, the OMEN series has computers that guarantee a highly competitive gaming experience.

HP is undoubtedly one of the manufacturers of greater recognition and global acceptance, which currently enjoys the highest recognition by users, technicians and experts. For this reason, it will always be of considerable value to acquire a computer of the brand. Choose an HP laptop and leave it for sure.

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