Tips to buy your laptop in 2018

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A laptop is a travel companion that will accompany us for a long time, so it is advisable to know what we are looking for and what we should look for when buying a new computer. buy your laptop is important.

We have selected the most important factors when choosing a laptop to make it easier to choose when buying the laptop that best suits your needs.


buy your laptop

Think hard so you will use the laptop and what your knowledge is, Windows and MacOS are the most common and Ubuntu is more technical. Depending on the use that we are going to give the computer we may be interested in one or the other.

A Mac may be more expensive, but the durability of its components and the useful life of the computer makes it an option to consider if we have more budget. But if you are looking for a normal and uncomplicated computer, go for Windows. buy your laptop is important.


If you are only going to use it at home, I recommend a 15 “or 17” model, they are usually the biggest models and therefore more powerful, but also much heavier and more difficult to transport. Also, spending a lot of time working on a small screen can end up tiring your eyesight.

If on the contrary you will use it outdoors (university, work …) between 13-14 inches it is a good size, since they are lighter and their size will allow you to take them more comfortably anywhere. You also have 11 inches and smaller but are somewhat small for my taste and are quite uncomfortable to work with them.


buy your laptop

You have to be very proactive with this, the duration of the batteries is directly proportional to the number of cells it has. If you are going to use it a lot without a charger, I recommend a minimum of 6 cells, because if not, the laptop battery will run out practically without realizing it. buy your laptop is important.

You must bear in mind that the more you force the team, the more it will consume. So keep in mind what you are going to use it for. It is not the same laptop for gaming or design, that all components are more powerful, than one that you are simply going to use to watch movies and that has an integrated graphics.


Currently, LED is the best you will find without reaching extreme prices, LED screens have the best quality in terms of colors, refresh rate … but also its thickness is much thinner than that of LCD screens, which in a Laptop is something very your laptop is important.

The screens can have two types of panels:

TN (Twisted Nematic): Cheaper, but worse quality.

IPS (In-Plane Switching): More expensive but with superior color and contrast, ideal for designers and gamers.

Within this part, you must also weigh if you have a touch screen or not.

Currently you have many models with touch screen, which is really useful as we are increasingly used to press everything because of smartphones and tablets. The touch screen gives you a plus to work faster and take less time to choose the application you want to open on the desktop.

Numeric keyboard.

buy your laptop

If you work with numbers, the numeric keypad is a must have on a laptop, since it greatly increases the speed of work and saves us a lot of time. If you do not usually use it, maybe you can do without it to have a model with a wider and more comfortable keyboard.


buy your laptop

Charging every day with a heavy computer can be very uncomfortable, so if you plan to move your laptop from one place to another very often, observe well the weight of the laptop that you are going to buy if you do not want to end up with a shattered back . buy your laptop is important.

It all depends on whether you will use it more at home, or you will be taking it from one place to another. The weight will be determined by the amount of components that the equipment carries, the size and the materials from which it is made. It is not the same as buying a 17 “laptop with a graphics card that a 13” with few components. To see a clear example of this we show you these two laptops:

Asus ZenBook 3 : A 14 “laptop that barely weighs 1 kg.

Asus Rog Strix : It weighs 3 times more, 3 Kg. This laptop has a graphic card and is 17 “.Tips for buying laptops 2017


buy your laptop

Due to the ease of the cloud with iCloud, OneDrive and DropBox and that every time the USB are smaller and are able to store more data, the readers, both the cards and the DVD and Blu-Ray are becoming completely obsolete and in disuse. So, in my personal opinion, discard them completely as they add more weight to the laptop and we will use little or nothing.

Integrated graphic

buy your laptop

If you intend to play or work with video even minimally, forget the integrated graphics, look for an ATI or Nvidia, and there depending on what you are interested in, the price will be inflated more or less. In general, gaming laptops are more bulky and weigh more, so you have it in mind. They also get hotter so it would not hurt for you to take a look at a good laptop cooler .

HDMI or DisplayPort.

The most used connection today is HDMI, if you have a good TV it is preferable to look for a computer with HDMI so you can enjoy your movies without complications in other devices. buy your laptop is important.’

However, DisplayPort offers better features. If you are going to connect it to monitors, I would opt for the Display Port connection.


Make sure you have at least 8GB of DDR3 RAM, with that you can practically with all common programs and Windows 10 will go smoothly. If you want 16Gb it goes up a lot of price and you may not really get enough to justify the price.


Here I can not say much, everyone knows the capacity they need. But I am one of those who think that the more the better and so we will not fall short. With a hard disk of 1 Tb we will not have problems of space in a laptop normally.


A computer with an SSD is really useful, since it increases the load speed of the programs and the operating system a lot. It is wonderful to see how it lights up in just a few seconds. If you can find that it has at least 120GB of SSD, it will make your computer turn on and off quickly and your most used applications as well. They also weigh much less than the usual hard drives, which is a relief when transporting the laptop. buy your laptop is important.


If you want to run everything you need for a long time I recommend at least an i3, and if you can be an i5 or an A6 / A8 in case you choose AMD. In the end it will depend on the use that you are going to give the laptop. If you need it for a home or casual use, an i3 or an A6 will suffice but for professional use or for gaming it is best to opt for an i5 processor or an A8 and up.


Currently many already have it as standard, but it is worth remembering. You can configure your mobile to automatically transfer your photos or files, connect your headphones or connect to other devices when you need it. It is a functionality that gives a lot of versatility and saves us a lot of time. If you are really interested, look for Bluetooth, preferably 3.0.


Many large electronics chains allow you to extend the warranty, I recommend 100% since being an object that we will be carrying from one side to another there are quite a few chances of suffering some mishap.

USB 3.0 / USB 3.1 Type C

buy your laptop

Increase the transfer speed considerably, if you have a compatible pendrive or a multimedia disc it can be very useful, although it is not essential.

The USB 3.1 Type C are the latest in the latest in data transfer and fast loading. We can already find many models that have this type of input and in the future it will be the entry used by the vast majority of mobile phones due to its versatility. So it’s a good idea to get ahead and prepare for what’s coming.


Now you know what you are looking for, in a couple of months or even years the computer can be very limited. Some have the possibility to expand RAM memory, for example. Others come with the maximum memory that the board supports. So if you like to tinker with your laptop, it is a feature to take into account when buying it.


The Touchpad can be a very comfortable element, but also unbearable. For this, and if you really want to use it, look for a multi-touch touchpad, to be able to have more than one finger at a time and to be as large as possible, you can see the difference.

Also, add new really useful commands that will be very useful: how to zoom the screen with two fingers or return to the desktop instantly by pressing with three fingers. buy your laptop is important.


Skype, photos and much more, a webcam can be very funny, and it is very rare that a laptop does not bring it integrated. If you are really interested, look for quality and resolution, thus avoiding having to buy an external camera. There are laptops that your webcam can cover or turn around, I simply recommend it for security, it is better to prevent than to cure on privacy issues.

As you can see these are basic tips for acquiring a mid-range computer more or less, we should always be clear about what we are looking for and if we have questions, ask a professional in the sector.



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