Record Breaking Glass

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If you’ve been thinking recently that it’s about time you updated your home’s windows, then you’re probably pouring through different types of glass and designs to find out which offers the best function and aesthetics for your property. Whilst thinking about glass, here are some of the most interesting world records all about glass:

Biggest Stained Glass Window – Finished in 1971, the largest single piece of stained glass can be found in the Resurrection Mausoleum in Illinois, USA. It measures a whopping 2079 square metres and consists of 2448 panels. Another impressive stained glass window, although not continuous, can be found in the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in the Ivory Coast measuring 7430 metres squared!

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Oldest Stained Glass Window – Pieces of a stained glass window from the 7th century were excavated near Jarrow in County Durham and were set into a window at St Paul’s Church, Jarrow. For your next new Gloucester Double Glazing, visit a site like

Thinnest Glass – The thinnest glass ever created occurred by accident in 2012 by a team of scientists working together from various universities across the globe. The silica glass was only 3 atoms thick!

Biggest Glass Window – The Taikang Tower in China holds the record for the largest glass window in the world. It covers 50.87 square meters and measures just over 54 feet in height and 10 feet in width. There are 4 layers of glass and the window weighs 7000kg!

Self-Healing Glass – The first of its kind, scientists at the University of Tokyo announced in 2017 that they had accidentally found a glass-type polymer that could heal itself! It was tough and durable but when broken, could fuse back together at room temperature and be as strong as it was before!

Long Glass Bottom Bridge – In Qingyuan, China you’ll find a 526m bridge with a glass bottom. Sounds scary but it was extensively tested for robustness and safety! The record was set in July 2020 by the Lianzhou Qingtian Tourism Company.

Highest Glass Skywalk – If you’re brave enough to venture out onto the world’s highest glass bottomed skywalk then you’ll need to travel to the Grand Canyon. This 20m wide U-shaped skywalk juts out over the edge of a 250 m drop of the Grand Canyon. The record was set when it first opened in March 2007.

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Priciest Glass Sold At Auction – At an auction in London in June 1979, a Roman glass cup from circa AD300 was sold for £520,000. It is an incredibly ornate piece of glass and one of only 7 in the world, believed to have been owned by only the very wealthiest of Roman society.

Most Tempered Glass Panes Run Through – Now here is one that definitely wouldn’t be recommended to try at home! In November 2018, Danilo Del Prete of Rome, Italy managed to run through 24 consecutive panes of tempered glass. It should be noted that Danilo is an American football player!

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