Why would a kiosk make you earn money?

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Among the many businesses that exist for food, the Kiosk make you earn money is a “trend” that is gaining strength. It has the advantage of being a business that does not require as much space . In addition, it has the advantage of not using so many utensils and equipment.

This turns out to be a good Business Idea since you can place it in a very busy place. In this way, you can generate profits by positioning yourself in squares, shopping centers, terminals, etc.


The kiosks are known for selling multiple sweets and small cravings.

However, as I am already talking about a business opportunity in which we seek higher profits . We must expand and invest more in what we are going to offer.

In recent years, these types of kiosks have become popular because they offer a simple appetizer. People like the aroma of coffee or the smell of a freshly prepared crepe.

Practically with this Business Idea you can sell the same as a cafeteria .Surely you could not count on the same instrumentation or machinery that you would have in a local. Although that is not an impediment, because you can offer what is most wanted. Coffee (mainly cappuccino, espresso  are the most demanded in america).

Also consider that you can have a kiosk only of crepes.

Generally, the sale of coffee, snacks, and crepes is what you should consider as a kiosk.

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I will limit myself to the generalities of initial investment. It is necessary when you start this type of business.

Although you are thinking of establishing a cafeteria type kiosk, then I recommend you consider the following elements in which you will have to invest:

  •  Industrial Blender: If you open a business of this type you can not have a simple blender from home. The reason is that the industrial blender has the advantage of enduring rough use.You will need to mix and grind many products, including ice.
  •  Express machine: Which has a capacity to make up to 200 cups of coffee per day.
  •  Mini-showcases: You take into account that the view is something that people take a lot into account to approach your business .The first glance is a good resource to attract customers .You should not take the big expense with this. The market can offer a wide variety of prices.
  • Tables and Chairs: This material is relative since it will depend on whether you want your idea of ​​a kiosk to be extended .Customers feel to enjoy what you offer. You also have to check first if the place where you will establish allows you to put chairs and tables.
  • Glasses and cups: You must know what size you will require them. You could offer only small and large glasses, or  medium glasses. A recommendation in this sense is that you print the logo of your business in these containers because that way people will get to know you.

These are some of the necessary elements for a cafeteria type business, but they are not the only ones. If you want to know what other things you need or learn more about opening a cafeteria.


You do not need to “break your head” to know that the busiest places are the ones you should choose as a location for a kiosk since it takes into account that passers-by or people who go to a known place, will see your business and will approach at least curiosity.

Some of the places that are recommended for this type of business are squares, parks, shopping centers and even schools; if you take the latter, consider that your food should be a little more nutritious and offer something healthier such as fruit cocktails or salads.

It is important that wherever you are established, investigate what permits are needed to be able to position yourself there since the procedures can vary depending on the location and even the state in which you reside.


I had already said that you can not offer the same variety of products as in a local. The advantages are very remarkable.

1. You do not need a lot of space because it is not something very big like a local.

2. Some of them can be movable,they are folding, enough to change places when you require it, but that will depend on the type of kiosk you acquire.

3. Do not spend on rent, but we must clarify that in most times you must pay for space, the same as your kiosk uses, regularly are shopping centers that have higher quotas to settle.

4. Less investment, for a kiosk you do not need as much capital as if you opened a shop, a restaurant or a cafeteria.In addition, the cost of energy or gas could be less, but yes, even if it is a kiosk, you need the permits where it is clear that you need industrial light, among other services.

5. One or more concepts, you can only put a coffee shop if you wish, but that does not mean that you limit yourself, since you can combine both Business Ideas.

kiosk make you earn money
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