Tips to start using your new gadget

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your new gadget is brilliant, incredible and it could be hard to imagine a dark day in the future when you leave it in the seat of the ane . But bad things happen every day so better take some steps now to prevent the worst scenario.

First activate the screen lock settings that will ask for a code or password (or facial or fingerprint recognition) every time you turn on your phone or tablet. This is your number one defense against an intrusion to financial, sensitive or personal information if your device is found or stolen.

It will also make it difficult for someone to delete or delete any content that you have not backed up. Typing the entry will seem a slight inconvenience at first, but after a few days you will not notice that you do it and the few seconds it takes will become a forgotten routine.

Then download or activate any lost device location feature, so you can track the physical location of your tablet or phone if it is lost or stolen. Apple products have the Find my iPhone application installed by default, but you must connect your device to an iCloud account. Gadgets with an Android operating system can use the Android Device Manager.

A backup plan

You do not want to lose your files in case of technical failure or loss of the device.

You can browse the default backup tools, such as iClouds or iTunes in iOS 7 or the Backup and Restore settings in Android.

Third-party applications can also be useful, such as Dropbox, Titanium Backup or Carbon. When possible, use apps that automatically sync in the cloud with anything you create.

Get a case

The pristine screen of your new gadget is so beautiful, without scratches .

You may think it would be a shame to hide his glory under some cheap plastic case. But, do you know what is worse ?: Living with a broken and scratched device that cost thousands of pesos.

Just look around at your local coffee shop and count how many people work with a broken screen, dragging your callused fingers over the fractured glass and sticking it with clear tape.

If you are a little clumsy, have children or are prone to gravity, buy a case.

Save money

The first account of a new mobile device can be impressive when, without realizing it, you exceed your data limit or accumulate roaming charges.

Take precautions and set a mobile data warning or limit to prevent you from overcoming them. In Android devices, the option is in Settings-> Wireless and Network Connections -> Data Use.

If you use an Apple device, you can monitor how much data your device consumes in Settings -> Cellular -> System Services (down to the bottom of the page). The function groups the use of data by the type of services such as Mapping Services and Exchange Accounts. If you deduce that a specific application consumes most of the data, you can revoke its ability to use cellular data and let it only use Wi-Fi. You can also install third-party applications to monitor the use of data.

Music streaming apps and videos are great data hoarders, so make sure you’re on a wireless connection before going to see chapter after chapter of House of Cards.

If the costs of messages or calls worry you, download applications for calls and messages that work with Wi-Fi as Skype, Whatsapp, and Viber.

Eliminate garbage

Just out of the box, many devices are preconfigured with the preferred applications of the creators or operators. The problem is especially bad with phones with Android and Windows operating systems purchased from third parties, which pre-install all types of filler programs.

Examine and remove any promotional or unwanted application immediately.

If you can not delete the application on Android, you can probably turn it off in the settings so it’s out of your sight. The gadgetsApple are more conservative with the pre-installation of applications, but there is a central group of iOS apps that you can not uninstall. If you really do not want to use them, save them in a folder.

This is also the time to make some cosmetic adjustments, such as selecting a new wallpaper and organizing your apps so you do not have to re-adapt to a new order later. Are you prone to motion sickness? Turn off parallax settings in iOS 7.

Download beginner apps

Although they are not garbage, some of the default applications may not be the best option for you. For example, the Apple Maps application, although it improved greatly compared to its original version with errors, is still not as good as Google Maps, which you can download in the App Store (Google makes several applications that you must have for iOS 7).

There are several alternatives to weather, calendar, notes, and camera to try before conforming to the predetermined ones.

Search and download new applications is the most exciting part of a new gadget. Start with the basic ones, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You are addicted to the news, download the apps from your favorite media and your favorite news aggregation application.

If you are a subscriber to any music or video streaming service (Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Instant, Hulu, Spotify …), download your app mobile. If you have already begun to use your phone or iPad.

Here are suggestions for applications for travelers, applications to survive storms and applications to keep you healthy.


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