Basic Types Of Floor Coverings

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When you need to choose the material for flooring in the children’s room, then there are a number of issues related to the safety and practicality of such coatings. But it is not so difficult to make a choice when you have all the necessary information. We have selected for you the description of the most popular floor materials for children’s rooms.

Natural Marmoleum

Marmoleum (natural linoleum) – one of the few products made almost entirely from natural raw materials. Flooring Marmoleum is the best choice because of its natural properties, they actually become stronger over time and last for a very long time. In addition, because of its antistatic properties, marmoleum remains cleaner than other coatings and tends to repel dust and dirt.

Basic Types Of Floor Coverings


Linoleum is a classic floor covering and was invented about 150 years ago. It is produced only from natural ecological materials. Flaxseed oil is an essential ingredient. Mineral pigments are responsible for the beautiful saturated colors of the coating. On sale, linoleum comes in rolls of various thickness, ready for installation

Flotex flocked coating

Lotex combines the most attractive features, which are endowed with elastic and carpeted coatings. It has a smooth, floor surface, as well as anti-slip and noise-absorbing properties. In addition, such a floor is completely waterproof. Flotex is endowed with anti-allergic, antibacterial, antistatic characteristics and does not absorb stale smells. This helps to maintain hygiene even in places with high attendance, where its high wear-resistant qualities are needed (schools, hotel foyers, hospitals, offices, public buildings, and airports).

Designer vinyl tiles

Vinyl flooring is excellent in bathrooms and kitchens. This kind of flooring is quite affordable and easy to install. As an alternative to ceramic tiles, Karndean Korlok vinyl floors create the same kind of tiles, but they cost much less than ceramic tiles.

Basic Types Of Floor Coverings

Entrance flooring

In addition to their direct duties, the entrance floor systems play an important role in ensuring security. How often do visitors stumble and fall, entering or leaving the room? In addition to human suffering, such troubles are also a financial loss to the owners of companies. Qualitative entrance floor coverings significantly reduce the potential for sliding, and also limits the ingress of dirt and moisture, thereby prolonging the service life of the interior and reducing the cost of cleaning the premises.


The biggest problem of all carpets is the cumbersome styling. To cope with this task, manufacturers began to produce carpets not in the usual rolls, but in the form of tiles. As a result, the efforts and time spent on installing such a floor have been significantly reduced. In addition, with dirt, it is easy to replace the damaged area.


Solid wood floors are one of the main products in the flooring industry. Thanks to its natural beauty and durability, hardwood floors have been used throughout for centuries. Parquet floors come from maple, pecan, beech, cherry, oak, pine, birch, walnut and many other species.


Today, laminate floors are increasingly being chosen. Laminate has long received its fame in Europe, and now it is becoming popular in domestic markets. This type of coating is much cheaper than the floors of wood, and they are easy to maintain. Laminate is practically resistant to inflammation, scratches, and chips.

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