The correct choice of women’s running shoe

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In recent years there has been a massive incorporation of women into running. Girls who have started running, who have replaced their walks by a more intense march. Women who regardless of age or weight have managed to fit running into their agenda . Women who have overcome the barrier of “competing” by signing up to one of the many popular races that exist in the running calendar of our country.

Both in the textile industry and in the footwear industry, they are aware of this boom, which is why, over the last few years, we have found specialized clothing that adopts curves and feminine stereotypes. Years ago it was impossible to find this adaptation of clothing, not even the shirts themselves were fitted. Now the clothes are breathable, soft, fresh, quick drying … and with a model for women and men. As for the running shoes we find models for women and men and, as with clothes, it has its reason.

What are the differences between women’s running shoes and men’s running shoes?

There are many structural and morphological differences between women and men. Among others, the woman has a lower average in terms of height and body weight , a higher percentage of fat and distributed among more body areas, a percentage of bone mass and smaller lean mass , and a lower muscle development than the man.

Since these differences affect the biomechanics of the runner, we find slippers intended for a specific profile, made with a composition and specific distribution of the materials of the shoe. The women’s running shoes are designed to withstand less weight and maintain correct injury prevention thanks to the density of the correct cushioning. The weight of the shoe is always lower due to the size of the shoe and the composition of materials.

women's running shoe

If we start with the feet, the human foot does not differentiate between sexes, but women usually have a narrower foot and a higher foot arch . In addition, women have a greater predisposition to have bunions, and it is important to choose models that are wide in the metatarsal area without affecting the fit of the foot to the shoe.

In general, women have a wider pelvis than men , affecting the inclination of the femur if we take as reference the diaphyseal line of the femur and the line between the patella and the tuberosity. This small difference causes a different impact on each of our footsteps during the race.

So, what should I keep in mind when buying a women’s running shoe?

The weight

One of the first differences we find is weight. As a general rule, male runners have a higher weight and therefore will need a shoe that absorbs more impact. When running, the force with which we hit the ground is approximately twice our body weight, therefore, the necessary cushioning varies between runners. It is not the same to absorb the impact of a weight of 50Kg that one of 80Kg, important for that reason, to choose the correct running shoe according to my body weight.

The type of footprint

Each runner  must know their footprint , since according to the area of ​​the foot where there is greater pressure, a neutral shoe, a shoe with stability control or a shoe with pronation control will be recommended, always with the intention of maintaining correct alignment of the foot. favor the correct career technique and avoid the appearance of injuries.

women's running shoe

The distance you want to prepare

It will be necessary to take into account the weekly kilometers of each runner since it is not the same to prepare a marathon as a 5km race. Both the pace and the time are different and we must take into account the objective of each runner to have the correct cushioning densities. The shoes of daily use (training) are heavier to incorporate more cushioning material and therefore have greater durability 1000-1200Km unlike the lightest shoes (competition) of less weight and shorter duration, 600-800Km.


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