10 Frequent errors that lead to slowdown your PC

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Computers, the indispensable tools that we use to surf the web every day and work, are relatively easy to use but require some care if you want them to be able to run for a long time smoothly and without slowing down.

While in several other articles we’ve seen what to do to speed up the PC at a maximum, in this case we make the reverse speech and see what are the mistakes that we no longer have to do in the general use and maintenance of the computer because they have the effect of slow down the PC or worse, cause malfunctions and problems.

Just as there are good habits to remember, there are also bad ones to be eliminated in daily use of your computer, so keep it safe, fast and always working.

slowdown your PC
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1) Registry Cleanup

Ever since, one of the biggest computer bugs is that cleaning the Windows registry using a cleaner program, the PC will improve its performance.

While it’s okay to delete obsolete files with programs like CCleaner, it’s a big mistake, instead, go to tap registry keys thinking about fixing problems.

As explained in the past, registry cleaners cause more harm than good because they can erase important elements for system stability and because if they were to delete unnecessary elements, they would still be completely unreliable for computer performance.

2) Use disk derangement

Disk defragmentation is still an important task on Windows PCs, for which you no longer need a program per se, but just let the system run it automatically.

The good thing is that in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 defragmentation is automatically deactivated in the case on the PC there was a SSD drive, for which there is an optimization process called TRIM.

To verify that auto disk optimization and defragmentation is active, just look in the Start menu, “Defragment and optimize drives”.

3) Delete Program Folders

On Windows, there is no worse error than to delete program folders.

In this way, you will not uninstall the program that will still be present in Windows references, though without the files to run.

Never, then, never delete a program folder.

4) Avoiding Windows Updates

The Windows Security Base is in weekly updates released by Microsoft, which are always patches to cover the latest vulnerabilities discovered.

Precisely for this, Microsoft has made automatic updates for Windows 10 for all PCs.

Those who use Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 can still disable Windows Update, but make a serious mistake that could compromise your computer’s data security.

5) Do not backup

We have all the documents or photographs we want to keep and we do not want to lose in case the computer crashes, so you always need a backup to save the most important data on a backup disk.

Wanting to do things automatically, we’ve seen Windows Backup tools and even the best free backup programs you can use.

slowdown your PC
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6) Leave everything running at startup

One of the major causes of a Lifetime PC is the presence of too many automatic startup programs, which remain in the background with unnecessary memory and slow down the PC.

Automatic execution is right for programs like antivirus, but not for programs like Adobe Reader, Spotify and Skype that can be opened when they are used without being left active all the time.

Fortunately, it’s easy to remove the programs running automatically, especially in Windows 10, where you just open the task manager.

7) Install too many extensions on Chrome or Firefox and not control them

Browser extensions are useful, but can slow internet browsing if they are too many or are heavy.

8) Dealing with computer hardware

A computer, just like a machine, needs to be bumped or used in harsh ways and even cleaning.

Limiting the ventilation and allowing the dust to accumulate are two major errors that can damage the computer inside.

9) Always click on Next in installing programs

This is a mistake that we no longer have to do because most free programs hide sponsors or add-on programs that are going to install themselves if they do not disable manually.

10) Always use the same password

Although this does not help with PC slowdowns, it’s a mistake that you do not have to do because you risk every account on the internet.

If we are registered to various services, if one of them loses access to the account because some hackers have discovered the password, everyone else is at risk, having the same password.

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