15 Awesome ways to give your old favorite jeans a special touch

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Before thinking about getting rid of that pair of jeans that still serve you and adjust you well – and that you just do not know how to combine your style – we have for you these options that will help you give a second life to those pants and They will help you to awaken the creative girl you carry inside.

Women love to create and renew garments that make us feel unique and stylish. That’s why when we find fashion tricks and “do it yourself”, the first thing we do is try those tips at the first opportunity. That’s why we want you to add your own stamp to your pants with these 15 ideas to renew your jeans. Have fun doing each of these projects!

1. Make a pattern of hearts in your jeans

Use a card or cardboard cut out in the shape of hearts and paint with acrylic paint, preferably in a tone that contrasts with the blue of your jeans. Use a sponge instead of a brush to create a faded effect. Visit this content for modern russian clothing.

2. Cute patterns with floral lace and textile ballpoint

Choose a design lace that you like best, with the help of a textile pen , draw carefully on the pattern. If you can not get a special ballpoint pen for fabric, you can use a brush and reduced acrylic paint (1/3 water and 2/3 paint).

3. Disk in your back pockets

In clothing stores and fabrics you can find this type of “mesh” where sequins are already cooked in all the colors you can imagine. Choose your favorite and only sew on your back pockets to give them a new look very disco and bright.

4. Minimalist and geometric on your ankles

With the help of tape creates shapes on your ankles, they should not be perfect, because it is the idea is to see irregular figures. To paint you can use textile paint or in your case acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is very resistant on denim but if you still do not trust too much, you can pass the iron (quickly and preferably not too hot) once you have dried the paint on the pants.

5. Funny strips of pompoms

You can easily find these strips with pom-poms in any haberdashery or fabric store. You can stick these fringes with silicone for fabric or better yet, if you can sew them by hand with thread of the same color.

6. Pants with beautiful pearls

Just sew with a thread the color of the pearls you choose or you can also use transparent yarn. When finished, turn the trousers, and the area where you see the seams of your pearls, cover them with another piece of denim and sew. This way you will take care that the pearls fall when you put the jeans in the washing machine.

7. Create patterns of drawings in your jeans with foami

You will draw on your foami the figure that you like the most, in this case they are small rabbits, and with an exact or scissors you will only cut the contour of the figure. It does not matter if you do not cut it perfectly, since you will stick several layers of the same figure cut until you get a relief of at least 2 cm.

Once this is done, you will stick the figure on a sturdy board that you can use as a “stamp”, and with which you can paint with acrylics or textile paint the pattern on your jeans.

8. Color with indelible down the tear of your jeans

With a piece of sandpaper tear the area of ​​your pants that you choose to create that small tear, then with the help of an exact reaches up to the fibers of your jeans to make an effect of old pants. Then with an indelible down of your favorite color, paint those tears and that’s it.

9. A nice hem with lace

At the hem of your favorite tube jeans, sew inside and outside a lace strip of at least 10 cms. It will look beautiful with flats or floor shoes for a casual look.

10. Applications with estoperoles in your jeans

These estoperoles are very easy to get in the shops of crafts or haberdasheries, only bury them well inside your pants and with the help of a pair of tweezers you close underneath your estoperol. Create the most beautiful designs and let your creativity fly with this idea.

11. A galaxy in your pants

First with an atomizer that has 3/4 water and 1/4 chlorine water, spray on the pants to gradually bleach the denim, then with sponges and acrylic paint makes spots of blue and purple. At the end with a thin brush paint small constellations with white paint and you will have some galaxy jeans.

12. A beach decoration on your jeans

With aluminum foil underneath the denim, draw these pretty palm trees with the help of a chlorine pencil. If you can not get this pencil, you can make yours with 3/4 of water, 3 tablespoons of cornstarch and 6 tablespoons of chlorine. You can empty this in an old school glue container and you will have your own chlorine pencil.

13. Make an old trousers out of a cute maxifalda

Just cut the legs of your pants, join the shot to create a denim miniskirt, then just sew with the fabric that you like, creating the necessary length for your next favorite maxifalda.

14. Paint an original rainbow in white pants

With the help of rubber bands or straps to tie cables, divide your pants in sections from top to bottom. With these divisions you can guide yourself to go painting with textile paint or acrylic reduced with water, the parts of your rainbow. Once finished you can iron your pants to seal the paint and your colorful jeans will be ready.

15. Tribal figures on your ankles

You can put in chlorine and water the ankles of a tube jeans to discolor the part you want to decorate. Remember not to spend more than 3 minutes when you put denim on chlorine. Once the pants dry, draw the tribal design that you like the most.



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