Soil tests for your land

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There are occasions when you can find that whatever plants you put in your garden, none of them seems to thrive. This is often down to an issue or lack of nutrients in your soil. Before you go out and buy expensive compost or nutrients to add to your garden, it is important that you carry out some tests to find out what the issue is.

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Soil structure – the structure of your soil will let you know whether it is clay based and retains a lot of water or whether it is free draining. This will give you an idea of what plants may be able to thrive in your particular soil type. It is important that you test the soil in a number of different areas of your garden as it can differ across the space.

Contaminants – there are a number of chemicals that can contaminate your soil, and it is important to test for these and work with a Soil Remediation Service like the ones offered by Soilfix Soil Remediation to correct any issues.

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pH – the pH balance of the soil in your garden will also have an impact on the plants that will grow. Once you know what the pH level is, you can find plants that are suitable, or you can look at ways in which you can adapt the pH level to make it more amenable to plant growth.

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