Get Your Business off the Ground with Inexpensive Marketing & Promotion

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Launching a business or a new product is a very challenging thing to do, and if it’s not done well then your business or product launch will likely fail before it’s even off the ground. In order to make sure your business takes off in the way you want it to, you need to make sure you have adequate marketing and promotion efforts in place so that enough people are aware of your business or your product launch. If no-one knows your business or product is launching, then you’re not going to get any business.

There are many printed materials which you can use to help you market and promote your business; things such as flyers, brochures, business cards, and catalogues to name just a few. There are many great ways in which you can put these materials to use as well, it doesn’t just have to be via postal distribution, you can take things further and add in the personal touch too – hand out your marketing materials face-to-face giving the opportunity for potential customers to ask you questions and find out more about what it is you’re offering first hand.

I’ve found a few great examples of printed marketing materials which will hopefully give you some cool ideas on how you can put print to use to help you promote your own business.

Hopefully these examples have given you heaps of ideas for you to take away and incorporate into your own designs. I find that it’s the most creative, unusual and fresh designs that seem to work the best. Don’t forget that your design needs to be both attention grabbing and memorable, either one by itself is not going to give you the desired effect, you need the two combined for an effective campaign.

Marketing and promotion can be very cost effective when you use print methods of marketing rather than digital methods. If you have never had any marketing materials printed before then you’ll more than likely be looking for a recommendation for a great printing company. I always recommend, they provide a printing service which is second to none, and they come with mountains of experience – every month they print millions of flyers for their ever-growing customer base.

One of the things I love most about NDF is the fact that they offer a by-hand quality assurance check on every single order they process – this basically eliminates any possibility of you receiving your order with print errors (such as off-margin prints). It’s a really fantastic service at an incredibly competitive price, they are certainly a printing company you can count on.

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