11 different ways to prepare hot dogs

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Of intense flavor and unmistakable aroma! The hot dog  is the most successful international fast food and has saved the lives of many hungry people with the need to eat something rich and fast.prepare hot dogs is interesting.

To the naked eye it is a sausage in a bread, but it has a history. Some say that its origin is European, others American. The truth is that its evolution has given way to a wide range of variations, which for many, exceed the original recipe. Here I present you eleven versions of how to prepare a hot dog in the Latin style. Meanwhile, I’m eating one, my appetite has opened up.

1. Colombian hot dog:

The sausage goes inside a crusty bread, sprinkled with sesame seeds. It is served with melted ‘mozarella’ cheese and tomato sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, pink sauce, pineapple jam, ham, bacon and crushed potato chips..prepare hot dogs is interesting.

2. The ‘all’ Venezuelan:

Served with sausage boiled inside the bread, accompanied by chopped cabbage with carrots, chopped onion, fried potato chips and an extensive variety of sauces based on garlic, bacon, onion, paprika, avocado, pink sauce and even yogurt. Top with melted cheese or grated Parmesan and slices of avocado as an optional ingredient.

3. A ‘complete’ Chilean:

The sausage goes inside a French bread. Take minced tomatoes, ‘ sauerkraut ‘ (cabbage or cabbage fermented with salt, pepper and wine), mustard, avocado (ground avocado), a generous amount of mayonnaise with green pepper and spicy red sauce..prepare hot dogs is interesting.

4,Sonora-style Mexican dog:

Served with bread and sausage wrapped in strips of bacon, garnished with chopped onion, tomato, mayonnaise, mustard, pickled chili or fresh jalapeño, melted cheese and chorizo ​​sauce.

5.The Argentine ‘pancho’:

Served with grilled chorizo ​​in French bread and accompanied with spicy sauce, ‘ sauerkraut ‘, chips, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, mustard, and golf sauce. Smoked cheese is optional.

hot dog
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6.The Uruguayan ‘Pancho’:

It takes a sausage that measures twice as much bread and comes rolled with fried bacon. It is accompanied by cooked pinto bean, onion, tomato, chopped pickles, avocado and melted cheese..prepare hot dogs is interesting.

7.The Peruvian Pancho:

The base of the traditional ‘ hot dog ‘ accompanied with chips and hot sauce. But there is another version that is the sausage inserted in a toothpick dressed in sauces.

8. The ‘puppy’ Brazilian:

Sausage and bread accompanied with a quail egg-based puree. It is complemented with corn, Veritas and parmesan cheese.

9. The ‘chévere’ Salvadoran:

The sausage is prepared fried with pickle, onion tanned and jalapeño.

hot dog
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10.The hot dog of Ecuador:

The sausage is boiled in water with onion, tomato, and mustard to please. Then on top, it has tomato sauce, mustard, spicy tamarillo sauce (tree tomato, green cream – made with cilantro, milk and Ecuadorian cheese), and plenty of mayonnaise.

11.The ‘shocks’ of Guatemala:

They carry guacamole, mustard, mayonnaise, boiled cabbage, tomato sauce, bacon, pepperoni and chorizo.




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