Who owned land in medieval times?

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The landscape of Britain has been through a pretty rough time of it over the centuries. It’s been fought and feuded over, seen Kingdoms rise and fall, and generally managed to stay its picturesque self throughout. How it looks the way it does today is down to changes that were started in medieval times. Land in Britain has always been at a premium, and it’s one of the reasons why conveyancing when buying a home or development land can be challenging to get through. Conveyancing Solicitors are essential, and Sam Conveyancing can fulfil that need for us today.

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The medieval period is said to start with the victory of William the Conqueror at the Battle near Hastings. Within a few years, he had requested the creation of the Domesday Book. This would list everything in the country that he now owned and controlled. He set about giving his Baron’s power, and they began to shape the landscape with the Feudal system.

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Swathes of land were deemed to be for Royalty only. The Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire and the New Forest in Hampshire are prime examples. The land was owned by the few and worked on by the many. The rural peasants still had some land. This was the Commons, where they were allowed to graze cattle and sheep. They were given their own strips of land, sometimes miles apart. These field systems were the beginning of the walls and hedgerows that we can see today.

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