10 Best Movies Over 3 Hours Long, According to IMDb

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Most films run from ninety minutes to two hours, which is long enough for viewers to enjoy before they start writhing in their seats. However, some movies push the viewers’ awareness to its limit for a remarkable purpose.

Over many years, there have been genuine cinematic epics, narratives of enormous scope, sweeping in scope, and one’s unafraid to run past the three-hour mark, courtesy of https://www.bestaustraliancasinosites.com/online-pokies/.


The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) – IMDb: 8.2/10

The Wolf of Wall Street is one of the last Ten years’ genuine epics: a limitless extensive review of corruption, depravity, and obscene wealth. From Matthew McConaughey’s chest-beating to Jonah Hill’s fake penis to Leonardo DiCaprio’s disastrous Quaalude experience, the whole thing about this drama pulses with energy and black humour.

On release, The wolf of Wall Street each rave reviews and Moral criticism. Several analysts criticized the movie for not condemning its hero satisfactorily. After years of an unlawful act, Jordan Belfort (DiCaprio) went unpunished. But that’s literally the point. Watching the movie, we should be irritated at the lack of justice for the crooked millionaire. In comparison, Michael Douglas’s Wall Street, in which the miscreant encounter his due reward, looks like a naive fairytale, according to users of casino en ligne argent reel.


Judgement at Nuremberg (1961) – IMDb: 8.3/10

This Four-hour Courtroom drama unveils a fabricated account of one of the Nuremberg trials following World War II, Whereby Nazi leaders were detained for their misdeeds. It’s a grim however vital piece of ancient regeneration. Released much less than two decades after the warfare, it was made for citizens that had lived through the occasions it depicts.

Spencer Tracy and Burt Lancaster lead while William Shatner and July Garland are supporting characters. Judgment at Nuremberg is massive and is honestly difficult to look at in a single sitting, but it tussles with complex moral troubles which are constantly applicable. Soccer balls were even displayed in the movie.


Lawrence of Arabia (1962) – IMDb: 8.3

This classic movie stars Peter O’Toole as British officer T.E. Lawrence, who worked as an intelligent unit within the centre East during World War I. He was strictly involved in a crucial incidents like the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire. Director David Lean crafts Lawrence’s tale into blockbuster adventure lightyears ahead of its time.

The movie had a tremendous effect on cinema. A number of directors, from Steven Spielberg and George Lucas to Stanley Kubrick and Brian DePalma, have stated it as an influence. It additionally functions as the maximum iconic suit reduce in film history.

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