5 mistakes you should avoid committing in your professional career

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Do you want to have professional success? Discover the 5 biggest mistakes you should try to avoid committing in your career according to a former Google employee.

Errors are learned, but there are a few that it is better to avoid. At least that’s what Hiam Sakakini believes, who spent 10 years working for Google and now uses his experience to guide recent graduates.

During the graduation of the students of the University of Sydney the former employee of Google gave a speech in which he had to express what were the biggest mistakes he had made throughout his professional life.

Although Sakakini feels very satisfied with his life and work in the company, as he explains in Business Insider, there are some mistakes he would avoid if he started his professional career again …

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1) Bad time management: Time is money, and it’s easy to waste it. One of Sakakini’s greatest advice is that you learn to manage your time well and the key is to think before accepting or rejecting a new project. You may agree to lend your help directly, and then realize that you really do not have time for it; However, rejecting everything is not an option either, as they will stop counting on you. The best thing you can do is to meditate before giving an answer, when they propose something to you, explain that you need to go around and ask them when they would need a definitive answer. You can use these tricks to make better decisions.

2) Ignore his instinct: If Sakakini returned in the past he would try to ignore his more logical side a bit more, and follow his instinct. ” Every time I have chosen to ignore my instinct or warning signs, it has not gone well, ” he explains.

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3) Suffering from work burnout: Work burnout affects many workers, and Sakakini was one of them. The exhaustion of work caused high levels of stress, and finally prevented him from being productive and working well. However, the worst was that he missed many wonderful moments with his family, being one of the things he regrets the most. According to Sakakini it is important to turn off the electronic devices from time to time, but above all turn off the mind and disconnect.

4) Avoid continuous learning: Invest constantly in learning new things, and do it consciously. According to Sakakini is not worth what you learn in your day to day at work, you must go further. Enroll in courses and invest in training, in the changing future that approaches you will appreciate it.

5) Not having a plan B: Do not wait to finish a project to start a new one. Trying different jobs and having several ideas in mind at the same time is very positive. “At some point, by your own choice or by your company your career will end. That’s the wrong time to start making new connections, try to experiment with an idea for a startup or start a master,” explains Sakakini. Watch what may happen, and always have a plan B in mind.

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