The 9 best destinations for traveling alone in Europe

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What are the best places to travel alone ? From Vienna to Glasgow, passing through Oporto. There are few things that overcome the mixture of nerves and emotion that causes travel solo tours . If you do it for the first time, you may also have some fear, but this immediately goes to the background displaced by the illusion that makes one ride on a plane, knowing that no one will wait at the airport and that all the people with whom you find yourself will be new.

But what are the best places to travel alone ? Any destination is valid, but if you want to go little by little and not add a strong cultural shock to your independent adventure, especially if it is the first time, a good idea is to opt for a European city. it is interesting to travel solo tours.

1. Vienna , Austria

The Austrian capital will welcome you with open arms and making everything so easy that you will hardly even notice that step outside your comfort zone: Vienna is clean and tidy; its transport covers everything, it is frequent and punctual (although you can go to almost all the tourist spots taking a walk); and has activities for all tastes . You can lose yourself in the narrow streets of the historic center , admire the impressive architecture of the imperial era , go to the opera for 4 euros, visit some of the best art museums in the world , get lost and watch life go by in a park, bathe in the Danube , visit its markets, discover its most avant-garde facet in the buildings of Otto Wagner, live the underground culture and something hipster of the districts 7 and 8 … All knowing that, in addition, you are in one of the safest cities in the world to travel alone. travel alone

2.Prague , Czech Republic

Prague is a fairy tale so used to tourists that you will never feel to travel alone. It’s cheap , easy to walk (getting lost is almost inevitable through the streets of Staré Mesto , but the surprises are always nooks and small shops worthy of a photo) and so beautiful that it will be hard to believe that what you’re seeing is real. Once you overcome that first day of insecurity and nerves and want to run away from the crowd, go up to Vysehrad and observe the city and the river from above. The views are magical and the place little frequented by tourists. If you stay a few days, going to see an opera in the Narodni Divadlo is also a highly recommended activity. travelling alone in europe is amazing. travel alone

3.Oslo , Norway

For lovers of Nordic light who prefer to flee a little from the masses of tourists, Norway is a good idea. Oslo is the capital, but in the tourist industry it is a bit in the background, overshadowed by Bergen and, above all, the fjords. Does that mean it’s less attractive? No way. Oslo is a perfect place to spend a few days relaxing : stroll through its streets full of colorful houses, discover the most alternative part in the Grünerlokka district , climb the Frogner park and admire its sculptures, learn about polar expeditions at the Fram … You can even take a boat and tour the Oslofjord. (And, yes, Norway is expensive, but if you go only a few days and your budget is not over adjusted, it is best not to be doing the calculation to spend crowns to euros all the time: in three days you will not ruin yourself, do not you? )  travel alone

4.Munich , Germany

You already know Berlin, now it’s time to get to know the capital of Bavaria , the place from which all the German stereotypes depart. Munich is one of those cities in which tradition is mixed (you’ll see it in architecture and in more than a showcase with the regional costume) and modernity (art galleries, cutting-edge technology, a hipster area – Glockenbach – full of designer shops and modern cafes), very easy and pleasant to travel to alone . You can reach almost everywhere on foot and have moments of ecstasy watching the sunset on the banks of the Isar with the church of San Maximilianoin front. You will see many groups of Germans picnicking / drinking wine while watching the sunset. Sure you make friends. travel alone

5. Porto , Portugal

Oporto offers the security of proximity. Everything will be fine and you will not feel premature, so in the end it will not matter, but knowing that it is easy to return if you are not used to traveling alone offers an extra peace of mind. But how can we not enjoy a city as wonderful as Porto? You will spend hours walking through the steep alleys that go down to the river , watching the young people who jump from the Don Luis I bridge , visiting the cool neighborhood of Baixa , crossing to Vilanova de Gaia , visiting their wineries, looking from that other side from the river to Oporto and trying to discern if you are really awake and not dreaming. travelling alone in europe is amazing. travel alone

6. Glasgow , Scotland

Yes, Edinburgh is prettier, at least in the traditional way, but Glasgow has an I do not know what extra, that shared by the cities of industrial past in which the underground culture always moved much freer. If you are an indie lover , you know you will be happy wondering if you will meet someone from Belle and Sebastian or from Travis or Franz Ferdinand strolling through its streets. In Glasgow, you’ll find parks where you can go for a run or a walk, small, artistic cafes where you can spend hours reading or watching people and a nightlife at the height of the university city.What is it. Go to a concert, to an open-mic night , to a museum. In the Gallery of Modern Art I had a fascinating conversation with the guard of one of the rooms, something that would not have happened if I had been with more people. travel alone

7. Riga , Latvia

We tend to believe that the Baltic countries are a little all the same; We could not be more wrong. Estonia is culturally Finnish, Lithuania is one hundred percent Slavic and Latvia – technically, Slavic too – is a mixture of both cultures. Its capital, Riga, is a hidden gem that you will be glad to visit: its historic center is full of art-nouveau buildings , there is an artistic and alternative culture that makes everything plagued with art galleries and small shops by local designers, and a Soviet Occupation Museum so fascinating that you’ll forget you’re alone right away. travel alone

8. Ghent, Belgium

If you are vegetarian, do not even think about it and buy the ticket (to Brussels ): Ghent is a paradise in which all restaurants must have a vegetarian option by law , there are many more vegetarian restaurants than you would expect in a city ​​of 250,000 inhabitants and there is even a town hall campaign that proposes that Thursdays be a day without meat or fish (something that even Moby praised at the time). But this is not the only reason why you will love Ghent: it has the same charm as Bruges , but without the tourist mass; you will be happy to take pictures of small houses reflected in the river (take a small boat that takes you through its canals, it is very worth it); It is encompassable and touring its Castle of the CountsYou will feel that you are in a set of Game of Thrones . travelling alone in europe is amazing. travel alone

9. Naples , Italy

Naples has a bad reputation that it does not deserve: its famed Spanish neighborhood , which is supposed to be the most dangerous, is – at least in the first streets – more tourist land than mobsters. Any Italian city is perfect to go alone: ​​if you want conversation, you just have to smile at the lady at the market or at the waiter who has served you the espresso (always at the bar!) And you will soon see how the words flow. In Naples, in addition to climbing the Castel Nuovo to see the city from above and Vesuvius (if there is no fog) in the background.  travel alone

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