The 15 best places to travel in Greece

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Greece is a fascinating country where history and culture equate to its natural beauty. Strategically located between Europe and Asia, Greece is one of the countries that has had the greatest influence in the History of the West. In Greece was born the concept of civilization, democracy, the Olympic Games, literature, the study of history, politics and the basic principles of science and mathematics. it is said that travel in greece means travel to history.

Precisely that historical importance has left in Greece an artistic and architectural patrimonial legacy very difficult to find in any other part of the world.

If you add to it the beauty of its coasts and islands, bathed by the the Mediterranean and the Aegean, its small and picturesque villages and the Mediterranean forests, you will realize that it is not difficult to find 15 beautiful places to see in Greece. In fact, it would be easy to name many more.

1. Athens

A route of the tourist places of Greece must always start with its capital, Athens.

The beauty of Athens begins in his name. It was born more than 3,000 years ago, thanks to the maritime trade that arrived at the port of Piraeus. Here democracy was born and the ideas and thoughts of its philosophers, writers, mathematicians, politicians, and historians, marked the future of Greece, Rome and Western culture in general.

In Athens, there are the most important architectural monuments to see in Greece. The Parthenon stands imposing in the Acropolis, from where, along with other temples and buildings, dominates the Greek capital. Other emblematic places where you can get to know the art and history of the city are the Ancient Agora, the Roman Agora, Mount Lycabettus, the Acropolis Museum and the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

To take the pulse of the city, walk aimlessly through the neighborhoods of Plaka, Monastiraki, Anafiótika or the Central Market of Athens. Despite the harshness with which the economic crisis has been felt in Greece, the Athenians still have a great Mediterranean spirit and try to get the best out of life.

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2. Santorini

Although there are many islands to travel in greece, the best known of all are those that form the Santorini archipelago.

The white facades – and lintels and blue doors – of the houses of the villages that overlook the cliffs that die in the sea, appear on any postcard of tourist places in Greece.

You can tour the islands that form Santorini by boat. The most romantic village is Oia, although most arrive with the ferry to Fira. Hire a boat trip and take a dip on very different beaches. You can also rent a car or motorbike and visit archaeological sites such as Akrotiri and Ancient Thira.

Santorini is considered one of the most romantic places in the world, so do not miss its legendary sunsets.

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3. Naxos

Another one of the islands to travel in greece is Naxos.

Naxos is the largest and most fertile of the Cyclades islands that rest in the Aegean. The rain is generous in the area and allows the population of the island to live on the collection of fruits and vegetables, also relying on livestock and tourism.

As usual in Greece, in Naxos, you can find several archaeological sites – including an ancient Venetian fortress – and beautiful beaches. Two of those that are worthwhile are very close to the capital: Agia Anna and Agios Prokopios. The latter is perfect for lovers of nudism.

The best way to get around Naxos is by bicycle, quad or buggy.

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4. Rhodes

The largest island in the Dodecanese is only 18 km from the Turkish coasts and has a great legacy of myths and legends, as well as some of the most famous beaches to travel in Greece.

In Rhodes, the myth says that Helios fathered 8 children with the nymph Rodo, daughter of Poseidon. From it comes the name of the island and its more than 300 sunny days a year.

The capital of the island – also called Rhodes – has the Medieval City, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Archaeological and Byzantine museums are the most visited.

The town of Lindos, 47 km southeast of Rhodes, has the reputation of being the most beautiful to see in Greece. If you are more than golden in the sun in front of crystal clear waters, visit the beaches of Elli, Kalithea, Ladikó or Faliraki.

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5. Mykonos

If partying is one of the things you want to travel in Greece, you can not miss the island of Mykonos.

In summer, Mykonos becomes the Ibiza of Greece. Electronic music takes the many bars and clubs on the beaches and tens of thousands of young people give it their all until dawn.

However, the rest of the year Mykonos is a quiet place, with little more than 10,000 inhabitants who have a routine life in the streets of whitewashed houses of Chora, its capital. Most of the beaches of the island are nudist, highlighting those of Paranga, Paradise, Panormos or Platis Gialos.

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6. Corfu

Another of the main places to travel in Greece is the second largest island of the Ionic, Corfu.

Battles and conquests shaped the history of an island that also has great natural beauty.

In the north, Sidari is a mandatory stop. The erosion of the sea and the wind have molded the rocks, creating really unique coves. From there, you can visit the ruins of the Byzantine castle of Angelokastro, located on a hill with great views. Other beaches in the north are Glyfada and Liapades.

In the south, the most important town is Lefkimi and you should not miss the beach of Bouka and Lake Korission.

Already in the capital, Corfu, there are many places of interest such as the Achilleon Palace, the Paleokastritsa Monastery, the new and old fortresses and the Byzantine Museum.

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7. Delphi

The archaeological site of Delphi was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is included in all listings of tourist sites to travel in Greece.

In ancient times here was the oracle of Delphi, located inside a temple dedicated to the Greek god Apollo. Delphi was considered in the Greek world as the center of the Universe.

Today, Delphi is a small village that is located on the southern slope of Mount Parnassus. From the archaeological point of view, you can not miss the Apollo temple, the theater – with capacity for about 5,000 spectators – and the archaeological museum.

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8. Thessaloniki

The second city of Greece – with more than 1 million inhabitants – is also an important port in the north of the Aegean.

Thessaloniki – also called Thessaloniki – is located about 500 km north of Athens and its attractions are often overshadowed by the splendor of the capital. However, Thessaloniki is a charming city and a vibrant nightlife.

It is a pleasure to walk through the narrow streets of the walled Turkish district of Kastra, marked by 19th-century wooden houses. The promenade then takes you into a labyrinth of streets full of churches, ancient mosques, Roman ruins, and museums. One of the tourist places in Greece to spend a few days.

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9. Zante (Zakynthos)

Zante is another of the Ionian islands of Greece.

Also known as Zakynthos, the island presents the typical orography of the Ionian, with a mountainous and rugged area (to the west and north) and another plain and fertile (in the south). The best beaches of Zante are in its southern area and include those of Laganas, Argasi, Keri, and Vassiliko.

Other more hidden beaches are those of Gerakas, Agios Nikolaos, and Maurantsis. From the capital, you can take a boat to see the small paradisiac islands of San Juan and Plemomari, Maratonisi and Peluso.

Zante (Zakynthos)
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10. Karpatos

Located between Crete and Rhodes,  is another of the islands to travel in Greece.

Kárpatos is one of the unknown islands in the country, a fact that makes it one of the places to travel in Greece if you are looking for tranquility, nature, and peace. It is a mountainous island that must be traveled by car to discover every corner of it. Although there are beautiful and deserted beaches – some of which do not even have a name – the true charm of Kárpatos lies in its two sets of small towns, called Catajoriá and Panojoría. In the first group stand Volada, Piles, Ozols, and Apero, with their typical white houses and quiet life.

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11. Paros

This small island of the Cyclades has almost 120 km of quiet beaches where you can enjoy its many sunny days.

The main city and port to which the ferry arrives are Parikia. In an original and fun way, the mountainous area of ​​the island. It is also almost compulsory to visit the islands of Antiparos and Despotic – which are part of Paros -, the towns of Cost, Piso Livadi, Marmara and Lefkes, the old marble quarries of the Marathi area and the beaches of Drios, Marcello Beach, Kolymbithres, and Monasthi.

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12. Olympia

Among the things to travel in Greece, you can not miss the place where the Olympic Games were held in antiquity.

The first Olympic Games were held here , in honor of Zeus, in 776 BC These games were part of the four Panhellenic Games of Ancient Greece, the other being the Pythian Games – held at Delphi and dedicated to Apollo -, the Nemean Games – in Argos and as a tribute to Hera – and the Isthmian Games, in Corinth and in honor of Poseidon.

In Olympia, you will be thrilled to see the ruins of the original stadium where the competitions were held. There are also remains of the study of Phidias, the gymnasium and the Temple of Zeus.

To complete the visit, visit the Archaeological Museum of Olympia and the Museum of Ancient Games.

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13. Chania

Located in the west of the island, Chania is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Crete.

It has an interesting history. Inhabited since the Neolithic era, it experienced a period of decadence with the arrival of the Arabs. Later the Turks would conquer it and today it is the second most important city in Crete.

The most beautiful of Chania – also called Chania – is its picturesque fishing port. It is located at the foot of the White Mountains (Left Ori).

Among the most interesting visits in the city, we can highlight the fortress of Firkas, the Chaniá lighthouse, the market, the mosque of the Janissaries, the Etz Hayyim synagogue, the Venetian walls and the Oasis and Kalamaki beaches.

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14. Tasos

At the northern end of the Aegean Sea is the island of Thassos, a real treasure to travel in Greece. In it, as well as beaches with crystal clear waters. You will find all the elements of the Greek culture and tradition.

Tasos presents a beautiful natural environment, near the Gulf of Keramoti and the mouth of the Nestos River. It has a mountainous orography, with beautiful coves here and there and dense forests of Mediterranean pines, firs, and oaks. Not in vain, three-quarters of the island is occupied by trees.


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15. Heraklion

Heraklion is the capital of the island of Crete.

The city was known by many different names throughout history, staying, finally, with its Roman name.

The wall that surrounds the city – 4 km long and with 7 bastions and of which there are still remains – was built by the Venetians in the 15th century. This triangular wall is one of the treasures of Heraklion, along with its old port, the fortress of Koules, the Municipal Market, the Loggia and the Morosini Fountain, located in the center of Plateia Venizelos.

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