7 important things you should know before buying your refrigerator

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It is impossible that in a house there is no refrigerator, it is an essential element in every  kitchen , no matter how small. Thanks to this appliance, we can keep our food fresh, and allow it to really last until its expiration date. With more reason, in the strong summers where everything perishes faster, and not to say to want to eat and take everything ice cream or fresh in those hot times. Would you know where to store ice cream or ice without a refrigerator? buying your refrigerator is significant for kitchen.

That’s right, we can not imagine life without a refrigerator. But it’s not just about choosing one and that’s it, or buying the first one we see. This is why we bring you this article, where we will talk about 7 important things you should know before buying your refrigerator, and we recommend you see at least three different stores, compare and then choose the best one for your house. If you are ready to facilitate the search, let’s see the following article!

1. Size

The size of the refrigerator you choose should be proportional to the number of people living at home. And there are many variety of sizes, such as minis, single-door, two-door, etc. But remember that the objective of this appliance is to preserve food. So always keep in mind the expiration date or when they are no longer fresh. In the case of very large refrigerators, it is not a good idea to fill it all, since it will be impossible to consume everything before they perish, fill it only with what you are going to consume within the due dates.buying your refrigerator is significant for kitchen.

2. Measure your space

In the specific case of the departments, these often come with an exact space to put each appliance. The less footage the department has, the less space architects will have for your refrigerator. Therefore, before buying one, better measure the space you have, and according to this, look for the ideal for your kitchen. Do not forget to calculate also the space that you must leave free to open the doors, or it will be useless to have a beautiful refrigerator that you can not open or that hinders the passage.

buying your refrigerator

3. With or without additional?

Another option to evaluate is, if we want our refrigerator to have additional accessories such as compartments or drawers (external or internal), ice and water dispenser, LED lighting, temperature control, etc. The truth is that with the advance of technology, we have more and more new appliances that cover new needs.

4. Cooling system

Formerly all the refrigerators had a cooling system that accumulated ice in the freezer, having to thaw it every so often and it was a headache for many … Now, thanks to the no frost system with which the new models come, this is no longer necessary. The entire refrigerator cools through the air circulation, making an intelligent distribution of temperature.

buying your refrigerator

5. Energy saving

Refrigerators have an energy label, which classifies the level of consumption and performance they have. In this way, the most efficient are A (highly efficient, with energy consumption less than 55% of the average), B and C; those with an average energy consumption are D and E; and those with a high energy consumption are F and G (higher than 125%). If your refrigerator has a good rating, you will spend less electricity, support the environment and take care of your pocket every month. buying your refrigerator is significant for kitchen.

6. Deodorizing filter

There are times when we enter the refrigerator some food that could have a strong smell, and this causes other foods to absorb that smell and destroy the freshness of the environment. For example, ground garlic, onions, fish, etc. The deodorizing filter implemented in the refrigerator prevents the odors from mixing, since it eliminates the smell of food. However, we recommend that you always seal or tapes the food so that it stays and does not send its odors into the environment.

buying your refrigerator

7. Noise

Has it ever happened to you that at night you are frightened by a loud noise coming from the kitchen? Many of us have even been awakened by the noise generated by the refrigerator. For this reason, look for a refrigerator whose noise does not exceed 40 decibels, this way you will not feel it. buying your refrigerator is significant for kitchen.

We can not close this article without mentioning that you always look for a well-known brand that guarantees you a faithful companion in the kitchen for many years, and that if any damage occurs within the guarantee stage, it will be replaced or fixed.


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