Start a decoration business with floating candles for swimming pools

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There is no doubt that the presence of floating candles in the pool of any event is really nice and beautiful to look at because they create a totally different environment from the conventional and attract attention in a very intense way. decoration business is interesting.

The market for decorative candles for swimming pools

The market for decorative products is having a considerable growth in recent years so that both the designers who provide services in events in general and the manufacturers of decorative items are having a greater market demand. Obviously there are many other elements of decoration, such as flowers, lights, paintings, lights and much more, however, the small floating candles used in swimming pools during the realization of some event, are more interesting, mainly due to the fact that they are not difficult to do. decoration business is interesting.

In this way, if you are already a decorator or event decorator, you can get extra income by producing your own candles to be used in your decorations, but if this is not the case, you can simply use your own ability to produce candles to pool and sell them in the market. On the other hand, it should be noted that this is a very large market and you can do not only floating candles for swimming pool but also several other types of decorative candles that are often used in weddings, graduations, family events, business meetings, birthdays and many other events. The truth is that where there is a pool or a small place that stores water outdoors, it is possible to decorate candles of that type.

Products used to make decorative candles

The good thing about this business is that you will not need much to start, see below a small list with some essential elements during the production of candles in a traditional way:

  • Molds or templates: most floating candles should be in the shape of flowers, mini apples or rounded. However, the manufacture depends on molds to be produced perfectly. In this case, you will have to buy several silicone molds that will be the basis of your products.
  • Dyes and flavorings: one of the great advantages of decorative candles is that they are often colored and have some very striking scents that further embellish the environment. That is why it is necessary to acquire several types of dyes and flavorings since they will be used according to the request of each client or according to the theme of the party, he is decorating.
  • Paraffin heater or melt: it is impossible to make floating candles for swimming pools without the need to use a device that founds the wax, after all, you will give a new format to the acquired bar and for that it is necessary to melt it. Today there are electric melters that facilitate the work of many people, so do a search of it and go riding from little to little your space for making floating candles for swimming pools.
  • Wicks for the candle: finally, it is necessary to acquire wicks to be used in the manufactured candles. The ideal is to use wicks that burn more slowly, as is the case with the chemical wick made of braided cotton.

The manufacturing process of floating candles

Making floating candles for swimming pools is nothing of the other world since it can be done entirely by hand, there is no need to use large machines or many work accessories. decoration business is interesting.

The first necessary thing will be the paraffin, which will need to be melted so that it is transformed into candles in the desired format and as far as it is worth mentioning that in order for them to be able to float inside the pool, it will be necessary to manufacture them in small and flattened otherwise they will turn over and, consequently, the flame will go out. After melting the paraffin (making use of the above tool we told you: heater or paraffin melter), you will have to insert the coloring and flavoring, place the liquid in molds and wait for it to dry a little.

Usually, the candle will create a thin shell above, but in the middle, it will still be soft, so when that happens you will have to put a toothpick and then insert the wick. After this, it only remains to wait for the candles to dry, remove them from the mold and your product will be completely ready. One suggestion is to buy the flavored paraffin.  decoration business is interesting.

 How to decorate swimming pools with floating candles?

If you already have an event decoration business, you probably already know that many candles can be placed directly in the water, and float perfectly, however, it is recommended that you use some accessories in the decoration to give it a touch of even greater beauty. Some use small containers to place the candles inside, others use transparent objects where the candles are completely covered and only the light is seen, as well as several other options. decoration business is interesting.

It is important to use these accessories to place the candles, because that way you can place a rope that is connected directly to the bottom of the pool, where you will be imprisoned in a heavy object, making the sail not leave the place if you are running a little wind.



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