Five Foods That Will Make You Hungrier 

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You should always eat when you’re hungry, but you should also ensure to eat the right foods. There are many foods out there that are very tasty, but they will not satisfy your hunger. Some of them will even make you hungrier than before.

This can be a tricky situation as some of us don’t know which foods will give us this effect we don’t want. In this article from, however, we will be listing out some of these foods that will only make you hungrier. Most of them are healthy.


Juicing has been quite popular over the years, however, it should be all that exciting for you. Following the juicing process, the fibre will be eliminated, which will leave the sugar. Although you will be getting an increase in blood sugar, that will not last. You’ll eventually crash and then feel hungry once more, and it might even be worse than before.

White Bread

White bread has a reputation for tasting good, however, it will only increase your hunger. White bread is processed to eliminate the bran, which removes most of the fibre content, and it has a high glycemic index score. This also means that the spike in energy you’ll be getting from eating the bread will only last for a limited time before you crash and start looking for more. Whole grain bread and wheat are better alternatives, as their fibre content is digested slowly, which will make you feel full for a longer period.

Salty Snacks

Salty Snacks are another type of food that will make you hungrier when you eat them. This is because they are filled with salt. The salt will make you dehydrated, which will confuse your body into believing that it is hungry when it’s just thirsting. You should also know that salty snacks don’t have any fibre or protein in them.


Many breakfast portions of cereal are usually filled with sugar, and they contain little dietary fibre. Excess sugar will lead to a sudden spike in sugar levels, which comes before an eventual crash. To avoid this, you should look for whole-grain or bran cereals with five grams of fibre and a little less than five grams of sugar, courtesy of casinos en ligne.

White Pasta

White pasta is quite similar to white bread, and this is because of its lack of nutrients and fibre. Its difference from white bread is that it is easy to overeat white pasta. Stocking your body with these simple carbohydrates will make you hungry as they spike your blood sugar levels to make you hungry.

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