How to improve the speed of internet on the mobile

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How many times have you said: “How slow is the internet of my mobile”? Maybe many … Today we help you to make the speed of your mobile internet faster with a few small tips, simple but very useful. improve the speed of internet on mobile.

There are many factors that affect the speed of the internet connection: the mobile phone that we have in ourselves, the number of installed applications, the data downloads in the background … etc. Sometimes also the speed of the internet depends on the coverage offered by the company that we have in the place where we are, the capacity of the network (depending also on the company) and the technology we use: 4G, 3G, and 2G. Let’s see some small steps you can follow to improve the speed of navigation of your device:

Tips to improve the speed of our mobile internet

1.Applications to accelerate internet

On Google Play and the App Store, there are apps available to know what speed we have on our mobile. With any of the free apps that you can download from here for Android and from here for iPhone, let’s first check the speed that we have of internet connection in the mobile. After starting it, aim the results and then compare them.improve the speed of internet on mobile.

Now we download a “Booster” or internet accelerator from here  (Android) or here (iPhone), any of which we find would be worth it since they do the same. They have a very simple operation and will improve our navigation speed.

2.Connect to a Wi-Fi network

It seems obvious, but many use their data rate while they are in a public place with a free Wi-Fi network or at home to connect to. The speed of a Wi-Fi network will usually always be greater than the speed we have with 4G or 3G.

wifi network
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3.Have the battery charged

Something important is to have the battery with a charge, if possible, of more than 80% . As this is sometimes quite complicated, at least it is good to know that if we have the battery almost exhausted it will slow down the internet. Smartphones, at least some, when they have little battery capacity left down the resources of the system, for example by reducing the brightness of the screen among other things, and the internet.improve the speed of internet on mobile.

4.Wallpapers and widgets

Having an animated background or widgets that tell us about the time, the temperature, the weather, the results of some sport … etc is useful, but they consume a lot of battery and internet because they continuously download data from the network, which makes our internet go slower . So if you have too many widgets, do not use them, delete them.

Wallpapers and widgets
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5.Use a good browser

Sometimes having a good browser improves speed. Chrome, Firefox and Safari on iOS, are the most popular and good options since they are fast. Although Google wants to optimize web designs to load faster, there are browsers that offer interesting things, such as Dolphin or Opera , the latter is highly recommended for those who have a simple mobile or also for those who have a good mobile and want to save on your data rate. Opera has the option of compressing the data, that is, loading the right and necessary of each web, saving up to 80% of our data rate. You have different versions of Opera to download here (Android) and here (iPhone).

Opera Mini
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