Three Ways To Know A Fake Facebook Profile

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms for meeting new people and building new relationships. Considering that it’s been around for a long time, Facebook has become the ideal and most preferred platform for having personal conversations and close circles.

However, the Facebook social platform is now known for often being exploited for malicious purposes. The person you’re chatting with might not be the person they say they are. There are now fake online profiles, and you should always be careful and vigilant when using this popular platform.

Scammers are known for using fake profiles to trick people out of sharing personal information they wouldn’t share with a stranger. Some even go as far as impersonating celebrities or business organizations to extort money from people on the platform. How do you spot a fake Facebook profile? In this article from, we will be giving a few ways to spot fake Facebook profiles.

Fake Photos

One thing you should always know is that fake profiles don’t usually have a lot of things to say about their day-to-day lives. They won’t know much about a life they are not living. Rather than this, they choose to upload lots of pictures to show people how active they are on the platform. The pictures they upload will also stand out.

If you’re suspecting an account to be fake, you can easily carry out a simple Google reverse image search. Or you can use TinEye and Pixsy, they are platforms that are dedicated to reverse image search tools. All you need to do is upload the photo and start searching. If you find that same image posted somewhere else at an earlier time, then it’s possible that the account you’re interacting with is fake.

Inconsistency in Timeline

Most of the fake accounts on Facebook were pawned off or hacked into. There is also a black market for old Facebook accounts. if someone tries to impersonate another person with a new Facebook account, it is easier to find. So, these people opt for older accounts to use for their illegal business. Anyone can buy these accounts.

But you can spot these loopholes as they always have an inconsistent timeline. If you stroll back in time enough in some fake profiles, you’ll be able to notice the inconsistency in the way they post. Some people usually erase all previous posts to start afresh. So, you should also be cautious of accounts with blank walls. If there’s a long period of dormancy with no single post and then a period of posting almost daily happens. This should be your red flag, courtesy of best online casinos for real money.

Strange Stories: Plea For Help

If an account you thought is being used by a close friend or family member suddenly asks you for information or help in a very unusual way, always proceed with caution. Even if you’ve been friends with the person for a long time on Facebook, you shouldn’t believe suspicious stories. Especially ones that require financial resources or pass your personal information.

One of the reasons scammers on Facebook succeed with their schemes is that the victims usually believe they know who they are chatting with. These schemes vary from asking you to pay for an online service because they are without their credit card or being a US solder on a United Nations mission in Africa, and they are usually in desperate need of your help in order to return to the United States.

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