How to make laptop faster

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We always hear that a computer for having more RAM is better and more powerful or if your computer is slow. Your friends who do not know they recommend you to put more ram and  they had the same problem and that with more RAM your computers now fly.

While it is true that having more ram will allow you to run more applications in a shorter time . But it is not true that by having more ram you will have a powerful and fast computer . Now I will explain what it is to have more RAM . Have a better processor or have a good hard drive and so  you want to improve your laptop or computer. I want to clarify that although there are programs that swear to make laptop faster .

Why are computers encouraged?

When you buy a computer, when it is new or recent you will feel that it “flies” . However, being new internal components allow you to have a fast performance that will be reduced with the use and time. There are no major components in a computer. All are major and if you miss one you can not make it work but within these is the hard drive which is usually traditional or mechanical while the RAM, the processor, the video card and the motherboard work with integrated circuits which access memory as fast as the speed of light.make laptop faster is important.

A normal hard drive

A normal hard drive on a computer or laptop will tend to decrease its read and write data rate as it is used. In practical terms it would be that if it ran again at 100km / hr a year later it could reach a top speed of 80km / hr . At the passage of two years it will be 60km / hr. On the other hand, the RAM and the processor will continue working at the same speed as when new and the limitation will be the speed of the hard disk.

A computer becomes slow with the use due to the degradation of the hard disk.  Heat can also affect the performance but not as serious as it happens with a hard disk in poor condition.

Another factor internal to the operating system is the file system. The way in which the data is saved making a computer slow . Imagine that a traditional hard disk is a cake and to write data grabs slices of different parts instead of cut one after another. Over time you have a cake full of holes instead of having a single giant hole.  This makes reading and writing data slower. To solve this there is  disk defragmentation since the perforated cake is equal to a fragmented hard disk that makes the computer slow. However, it will not return the speed it had when I new the computer as explained above.make laptop faster is important.

What is the use of having more ram memory?make laptop faster

A decade ago if you saw a computer with 2GB of ram was synonymous with having a lot of RAM because Windows XP occupied only about 200mb of the ram . Currently you require a minimum of 4gb of ram to work comfortably with windows and programs. What changed? It happens that the programs occupy more and more ram memory to run . A clear example is Google Chrome that works very fast compared to internet explore or Firefox since chrome makes use of ram memory to store everything . As RAM is faster than the hard drive then gives you a superior performance .

But having more ram memory will not make your computer faster , it will only make the load of more programs at the same time more efficient. And the problem is that popular belief tells you that when your computer is slow you have to add more GB of RAM .

How to make a computer faster?

The processor and the ram of computers of 2010 or lower are very fast and do not require a processor or ram model 2017 or 2018 to feel that you have a super fast computer. You only need to change that old traditional hard drive and update it by a hard disk of solid state .make laptop faster is important.

Now you wonder

Now you wonder what is a solid state hard drive? and why does a solid-state hard drive make a computer faster? . As you already understood what the ram is and how it works. Imagine that a solid state hard drive would be like a gigantic ram memory. But it will not serve only to cache the programs that you run simultaneously. If not there you will have saved everything . As it does not have mechanical parts then the instructions that you request to the computer will be read at the speed of the click. That is to say when you ask your computer to open Microsoft Word will read it in an instant. It will be copied to the ram memory at the next moment and the program will open immediately. So without having to go through sectors of a traditional hard drive you will have all the data in a few seconds.

What speed difference is there between SSD and HDD?make laptop faster

Currently with modern operating systems such as windows 7, windows 8.1 and windows 10 are already optimized to work with solid state . If you use windows and place a solid state hard drive you will notice a difference of up to 10 times faster in any work on your computer. The following example uses the same computer with a 5400rpm HDD and an SSD. In both installed windows 7 SP1 starting the count from the boot ending when starting windows and open Internet explorer with a page.

As you can see the difference in speed is abysmal and not only to start the system. It have a solid state hard drive will make your computer up to 10 or 12 times faster in anything you ask.

Now you know how to make your laptop faster with the help of a solid state hard drive and if you dare to change it here I explain how to change the hard drive HDD by an SSD supporting all your content and getting up to 12X more speed on your computer make laptop faster is important.

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