Three Best Automotive Safety Features In Vehicles

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Cars are now becoming safer every day as they now have safety features that people in the earlier days would have wished for. Vehicles now come loaded with safety features that some of us are not even aware of. Yet, these safety devices have been saving lives ever since their emergence. In this article from, we will be listing a few of these safety features.


Seatbelts are considered the greatest safety invention in the automotive industry. It is important to wear them when you’re driving at all times, and it is even required to wear by law in almost every jurisdiction. American car manufacturer Nash became the first company to make a vehicle with a seatbelt in 1949, then in 1955, Ford Motor Company took the same route by offering seatbelts as an option for its cars. However, Swedish auto manufacturer Saab became the first company to make seatbelts in a car a standard item in 1958. In 1970, the first seatbelt law was passed in Victoria, Australia.

Research showed that seatbelts reduce the risk of fatal injury to front seat occupants by almost 45%, with the risk of moderate-to-critical injury given 50%. With this rate, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that seatbelts are now required by law to be worn in most jurisdictions across the globe.  Robbie Savage uses it when he drives his children and wife.


As technology continues to improve over the years, different safety measures also continued to grow in numbers. Another innovative safety measure is the airbag. Airbags became a thing globally in the late 1980s, but only the driver of a car will be equipped with an airbag that was deployed when a crash happens. It quickly became clear that airbags as a life-saving measure are incredibly effective in the long run, and the use of the device spread over to the front passenger side.

Over the years, airbags have continued to evolve, and they play a pivotal role in saving thousands of lives each year across the world. In 2011, General Motors launched a new front centre airbag, and it became the industry’s first inflatable centre restraint that was designed to protect drivers and front passengers in side impact crashes, and they will be able to go home in one piece to play games at casino en ligne argent reel.

Side View Mirrors

Side view mirrors were not mandatory on all vehicles back in the day. The world’s first side view mirror was introduced in 1940 which coincide with the growing trend of twinning roads. Side view mirrors didn’t become a standard for cars in North America till the late 1960s. They were regarded as a luxury that can be offered on most cars, and drivers who want a side view mirror will only get one mounted on the driver’s side door. A side view mirror in the front passenger door was unnecessary at the time.

Today, however, the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Transport Canada now require that side view mirrors should be available on all vehicles, and they should be on both the driver’s and passenger’s doors. The mirrors help in changing lanes and help drivers see vehicles coming behind them.

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