10 tips to wear hats and headdresses at your events

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A week ago I was lucky to celebrate the “Melbourne Cup”, the most important horse race in Australia. While the whole country is paralyzed to see the competition, the real interest is placed on the audience. It’s a dream! Everyone wears their best outfits, and women take advantage of this occasion to wear  hats and headdresses.

I confess that all my life I had wanted to wear one of these unusual hats, but I did not have much time to prepare myself and, 24 hours into the race, I had everything but that. So I had to take drastic measures: I bought a gray headdress with white, a nice design, and black and gold spray, and I painted it myself! I think it was pretty good, do not you think? Some people even asked me who the designer was, LOL! wear hats and headdresses are import.

While for a long time the accessories for the head went into the background, a few years ago they have been rescued and returned to be part of the most fashionable fashion events around the world, becoming essential pieces of our wardrobe.

Here I give you 10 tips on how to properly use headdresses or hats, and look spectacular in the next event:

1) In addition to horse races, when is it allowed to use them?  In any special celebration, such as baptisms, marriages and graduations, but also in lunches and parties of greater formality.

2) The hats and hats are exclusively for day events; instead, headdresses are appropriate both day and night. As the day progresses, the size of the complement used in the head decreases. wear hats and headdresses are import. Keep reading mother of the bride hairstyles.

3) We will use them only in case it does not rain, and always without sunglasses!

4) We must wear the hat or headdress at all times, therefore, it is very important that we feel comfortable and secure with this adornment (we carry the complement, not the other way around). In addition, when removing it we run the risk of spoiling the hairstyle or leaving marks on the skin and hair. An exception to the rule is that our pamela is so large that it makes the next guest uncomfortable during the meal. wear hats and headdresses are import.

5) If the celebration is in winter, opt for adornments of dense materials such as velvet, or with applications of feathers and skin (this is full trend). In summer he prefers raffia and silk flower applications.

6) Never forget the occasion! For urban events he prefers minimalist headdresses with a geometric base (like mine); if it is a christening, the ideal ones are discreet adornments in light tones (like Kate’s); for weddings in the countryside or on the beach choose pamelas, for the night opt ​​for metal crowns, headbands or shiny headdresses. wear hats and headdresses are import.

7) And the hairstyle? Everything is allowed: hair collected or loose, both with headdresses and hats, although keep in mind that the collected will always give a touch of greater formality to your attire.

8) It is always a good idea to coordinate the color of your dress with the hat or headdress, but do not try to make your outfit exactly the same. wear hats and headdresses are import.

9) If you do not find something that combines, dare to make one yourself or modify a hat, as I did. Free your creative side and try different colors, shapes and volumes!

10) Remember that the most important thing is to enjoy an extra accessory to combine.


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