5 coffee shop franchises that can be assembled

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Almost everyone likes coffee and drinks it every day , so setting up a coffee shop is a pretty ambitious idea. However, a coffee shop franchise could be much simpler, cheaper and more successful than starting the business from scratch.

At present, there are many coffee brands that are proof of how profitable this sector is , but some stand out more than others, either because of its international scope or everything that integrates and complements the sale of coffee.

Why set up a coffee shop franchise?

Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world after water, so the coffee industry is one of the most profitable in the food sector, and investing in food is always a good idea. During economic crises, people can do without many things, but not food.

In addition, the sale of coffee is an easy business to complement with many other products, since those who drink it, usually accompany it with a sweet or dessert, so that sales increase.

On the other hand, franchises are a catapult to success. These are businesses that have been victorious in other places and that is why they seek expansion. If you acquire the rights of a recognized brand, it will not be a problem to obtain a clientele, because the most certain thing is that they already know about your business and they look for you.

As if that were not enough, the sale of coffee is a business that can reinvent itself every so often, as big franchises do when launching a new product (such is the case with Starbucks), so it will not be a problem for people to always have You want to visit your place to try the new flavors.

What coffee franchises can you buy?

If you want to start a business of this type, there are many options you have, but then we tell you which coffee franchises are the most successful to start for the first time in this sector of the market. Take note!


It is the most famous coffee franchise in the world and has a history of more than 45 years in the market. It currently has more than 70,000 coffee shops worldwide and its expansion continues to increase. The business model of Starbucks has reached that level of success by focusing on offering a typical US coffee experience, including the type of sale, which can be in a large local or an express type for those who are passing through and need a coffee.

Dunkin Coffee.

This coffee franchise is internationally recognized and its business model is focused on offering a very varied range of donuts and coffee. People who know the brand love their premises because they are welcoming, comfortable and special for all types of public, such as teenagers, couples, families, tourists, office workers, etc. To acquire the franchise, you need an initial investment amount of USD 25,000, which can be increased to USD 150,000, with the right to a 50m2 store.

Doopies & Coffee.

This franchise offers a business model designed for all types of customers and its main attraction is that the products are made on a daily basis using traditional raw materials of quality, which ensures 100% freshness and unparalleled flavor. In addition, a single person can be responsible for the operation of the business, so your investment is not so expensive. The Doopies & Coffee franchise can be acquired with an initial entry of USD  42,000, with the right to a 30m2 store.

Juan Valdez Coffee.

This Colombian franchise is one of the most famous that exist, since Colombian coffee is one of the most recognized and preferred around the world. Its quality and taste may be the main attraction of this franchise, but you will want to acquire it knowing that it has three different ways of investing. Each one of them adapts to the budget of the franchisee, being the minimum amount to be part of this company of USD 100,000.

Loops & Coffee.

This franchise aims to introduce the flavor of American donuts (especially New York) to the local market, which are its flagship product. To complement its inventory of more than 20 varieties of desserts and sweets, Loops & Coffee also sells bagels , muffins, puff pastries, croissants, ice cream, shakes, juices, smoothies and, especially, coffee.

The premises of the brand offer their customers a cozy and sufficiently similar to New York, so they feel the same experience as if they were in the capital of the world. And with an investment of USD 32,000 you can be part of its franchise system, with the right to a 35 m2 store.

Final words …

Remember that there are many coffee franchises among which you can choose to start your business, but the recommendation is to evaluate which of them would fit best in the area where you plan to set up the premises. For this you must take into account the amount of neighboring population and what other franchises are in the area.


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