7 tips to design a perfect bedroom

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Finding the right design for a space is not as simple as it seems, especially when it comes to design a perfect bedroom. For what is this? Fundamentally to the prominence of the bed in the room, which conditions the disposition of the rest of the elements. it is not easy to design a perfect bedroom.

However, whether you are lucky enough to design a perfect bedroom from scratch. if you are going to remodel an existing one, you can control the rest of the elements and create a space that is practical and attractive. 

Perfect Bedroom
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When design a perfect bedroom, one of the first steps to achieve a good design is to have a detailed and efficient plan that provides all the necessary information, regardless of the space with which you count.

Below, we give you seven tips that will help you get the most out of your room.

Find a simple circulation. 

Try to circulate the room on one side of the room. The hotels are a great example of simple circulation. It is not by chance that 90% of them organize themselves in such a simple and functional way.
The planes of circulation suppose a greater challenge when it comes to bedrooms with door of access to a bath or a terrace or outer patio.

Perfect Bedroom2
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To save space, study well where the bathroom or dressing room is going to be located. Rooms that have access to the bathroom or dressing room before reaching the area where you are going to sleep, require a longer passage area (see the map on the left). If you organize the circulation so that these two spaces are accessed from the same room (see the map on the right), you will not need a corridor and, therefore, you can add it to design a perfect bedroom. You will make it look much bigger.

Focus on the views

A room will always look prettier if you focus on the outside views instead of the bed being the focal point. If you are designing a new room or remodeling an existing one, try to find a layout that focuses on the exterior views.

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Do not forget the privacy

The ideal is to leave the door of your bedroom open without having to give up your privacy. The small hall that we see in this example of plane provides an essential separation of the living room. Try to always avoid a layout where you can see the room from the kitchen or living room.

Connect with the outside

 Although this option is not feasible in regions with certain climates, being able to access an outdoor space from the bedroom is an excellent way to amplify the room and allow it to receive more natural light. If the bedroom is on the lower floor (or on the top floor, but has access to an adjacent terrace), one way to increase the visual space instantly is to add a French door like this home.

cozy bedroom
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Organize the arrangement of furniture well

Generally, all bedroom plans have a wall designed to put the bed, but what about the dressers, bedside tables, television, chairs or chairs and table? Talk about it with your architect or designer and make sure that the room has enough space on both sides of the bed for bedside tables, as well as a wide circulation that allows you to access three sides of the mattress.

fitted bedroom
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Look for the best lighting and ventilation

 If you place the room in a corner of the house, you can have two or more windows on adjacent walls. In this way, you would also benefit from better ventilation and a softer, less direct natural light.

Do not hurry

 A good interior design takes time and many attempts until you can find the ideal plan that best suits your lifestyle.

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The truth is that a good design does not necessarily imply a high cost or extreme complexity. In fact, a grateful space that involves little expense, that is practical and easy to maintain can be an ideal example of a good design work.



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