15 Original Ideas for Living Room Design Exclusive

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The living room is one of the spaces of the home where you spend pleasant moments with family and friends.This  is the perfect place to spend free time. Therefore, it is important that you have a comfortable atmosphere and good decoration for living room.

The decoration of the living room

There is a coffee table, a sofa, an armchair, TV and other elements. You can make the decoration and design of this space in your own way. However, if you do not have a good budget, it is important that you consider some factors. Such as furniture, decoration details, wallpaper and even the carpet. But not to have a little budget means that you can not get a good design like and cozy.

Then I leave you with some design ideas for the living room or living room with a low budget. They are simple ideas but they will allow you to achieve a really cozy and unique style .

Use simple and simple furniture in bright colors to create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. To have a good decoration you do not need to use expensive furniture, you can only use a functional table and sofa.

A small and simple table, two sofas, a unique lamp to match perfectly with the rest of the decoration colors.

a unique lamp
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A simple but original room

This room design is ideal for people who do not want to invest large sums of money . It is a perfect design for young people who are usually busy.

round table
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Another option to design the room with low budget is to make use of simple furniture. This is good design style special for adults or even seniors.

low budget furniture
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Make a simple decoration of the room are images or murals of works of art. The works of art are those that show their characteristic and their soul. It is a very original option with a lot of personalities.

simple room
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Only with the use of a table, a sofa and a rug can you decorate a living room with the lower one laid out. The attractiveness of this room is that the color of the cushions is the ones that have the same color as the tree. Two flowers with different colors are the attraction of this space.

table with sofa
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For adults who want to have a simple and relaxed lifestyle that better idea than to opt for this original design with functional furniture and clear curtains.

relaxed room
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A good design for the room

This is achieved by first choosing the furniture and looking for pieces that are light in color and have legs. Keep in mind that lighter colors are those that allow a smaller visual space, which allows the space to look wider.

A well-organized space
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For this case, we have opted for the use of wicker baskets that is used as an auxiliary table. On the shelf is a covered cloth box and the coffee table has a lower shelf that can be used to store books, boxes, baskets etc. A well-organized space will look more welcoming.

luxury furniture
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The use of large vases with tall branches, long curtains, wide mirrors, vertical paintings, stacked paintings, fireplaces, tables with arrangements in multiple layers, etc. They are details that make the room a true space full of harmony.

make the room a true space
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Good lighting is vital in any space, especially when it comes to decorating a small room. You have to keep the most open windows to make the most of natural lighting, the curtains have to be light and simple.

Good lighting in any space
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If it is a small room, you have to choose the smallest furniture to scale. I recommend you use chairs without arms, sofas of small apartment size, etc. This type of furniture allows gaining space.

small room
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To maintain a good balance of colors within the room, a good idea is to choose to paint the walls a shade lighter than the color of the furniture. Remember that the use of ideal colors inside the room helps maintain a good mood.

balance colors within the room
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Neutral colors mixed with lighter shades are recommended for a living room. Cold colors are those that can give an impression of wider space.

Neutral colors mixed
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