16 very cozy interior design bedrooms

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Is having a few meters in the bedroom a problem? Not with ingenuity and good decorative ideas. Discover how you can take advantage of the space and gain warmth. interior design bedroom needs modern bedroom designs.

WHITE, ALLY OF SPACE interior design bedroom

Do you want a feeling of spaciousness? Paint the bedroom in white or light tones that multiply the light, especially if they are rooms with low ceilings. Take advantage of textiles and accessories to add color notes.interior design bedroom needs modern bedroom designs.

LINE THE WALL interior design bedroom

To add a sense of warmth and a rustic touch in this bedroom, the wall of wood has been covered. Well, even if it looks like it, it’s wallpaper! It is more economical and subtracts just a few millimeters.

BEIGE FOREVER interior design bedroom

In spaces with a lot of white, the beige manages to break with the coldness and attenuate it, as in this case with the headboard, the curtains of the window and the closet.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE WINDOW interior design bedroom

The holes in the wall are very useful in a few meters. Do not give an inch for lost and use all resources. we need modern bedroom designs for small rooms.

ONE DESK PER TABLE interior design bedroom

If you lack space, a good solution is to replace the bedside table with a small chest of drawers with several drawers to store objects and clothes, or a mini desk with which you will also earn a work area. interior design bedroom needs modern bedroom designs.

 A BUILT-IN WARDROBE interior design bedroom

Plan them whenever you can, take advantage of the space and gain useful meters. Do not forget to calculate well the space required by the doors, if they are of normal opening, so that you have room for passage and do not collide with another piece of furniture.

WITH WORK AREA interior design bedroom

The key is its lightness. we need modern bedroom designs for small rooms.

A DUAL-USE HEADBOARD interior design bedroom

In this case s and is a very special piece: an antique desk recovered which also acts as a room divider. Here you have many more ideas of dual-use furniture .interior design bedroom needs modern bedroom designs.

A WALL AS A HEADBOARD interior design bedroom

If the lack of space prevents you from placing a headboard, do not ignore it! You can get a similar or even more stylish effect by painting the wall of the headboard of another color, dressing it with wallpaper or even wrapping it with another material such as wood. Decorates, does not occupy space and becomes the element of more presence.

MINI TABLES AND LOTS OF PAINT interior design bedroom

In this bedroom the main bet is painting. The wide stripes seem to make the wall higher. Headboard and tables of Pomax. Keep reading how to paint bubbles.

 HEADBOARD LEDGE interior design bedroom

A headboard is a good solution to gain support surface on the wall and not occupy space.

 NICHES FOR STORAGE interior design bedroom

Making entries in the wall as built-in shelves can be very useful. interior design bedroom needs modern bedroom designs.

 WOOD AND WHITE interior design bedroom

We know that white is perfect to expand and add light, but to make the bedroom cozy, the key is the wooden floor.

 VERY NATURAL interior design bedroom

Wood and green give this white bedroom a fresh and cozy touch. Having a few meters, a closet with sliding doors that do not require opening space was chosen.

TOUCH THE FIBER interior design bedroom

It is very fashionable and is able to give that pleasant, rustic and natural note instantly. The vegetable fibers of the chair counteract the coldness of the precious gray color of the bedding.interior design bedroom needs modern bedroom designs.

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