The questions that you better have to prepare to overcome a job interview

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There are many aspects that should be taken into account in any job interview. Although it is fundamental to control the four questions that we formulate below.

There are many aspects that should be considered when preparing a job interview. It is important to be punctual, to take care of the appearance . To smile since non-verbal communication will be one of the most important issues to be considered by the recruiters. In addition to your explanations, the interviewers will get a lot of information about how you feel, the movement of your hands, the look or the gestures. However, it is useless to control the position if you do not correctly answer the questions. Especially to the following four issues highlighted here.

1.Why have you applied for this position?

In a clear and concise way, you must explain the reasons that have led you to apply for the job. Needless to say, you should never speak ill of any boss or partner. Although this is the reason for the change. Justify your motives with data and design them if necessary. Without forgetting to praise some qualities of the company you want to be part of.

2.What can you contribute to this company or its workers?

It is impossible to answer this question correctly if a research study has not been previously carried out. Before attending the interview you should know the mission and vision of the company, its most important projects, its most prominent workers, etc. To answer you will have to link your strengths and the qualities that you would most like to highlight with the company’s objectives or the skills that matter most to your recruiters. Do you have weak points? Turn them into strengths by saying that in this company you would like to develop such capabilities.

3.How he describes himself?

We have highlighted this question, although the interviewer may use another similar question to try to find out how you are and if you would fit into the template. Here you must also explain your strengths, but forget about conventional formulas such as “I am a perfectionist, a hard worker and a friend of my friends”. Be original in your answers and honest. Sometimes the recruiter may simply obtain this information from your position, the tone of voice, silences or gestures.

4.Why should we count on you?

This is your moment to stand out from the rest of the competitors and leave a good feeling in the recruiter. For this, it is essential to think again about all that information we have obtained from our previous study. Does the company look for a committed professional, who knows how to work in a team and with languages? There you have it, highlights all those qualities and provides some more detail to put the icing on your candidacy.

It is clear that all of them can vary and be formulated in different ways, but rest assured that every recruiter will ask about these four questions in all job interviews . Now you know the trick to answer them correctly and get that position you want so much. Luck!


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