Garden Jobs to Get you on the Right Foot for February Gardening

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As we start to see the end of the winter, for gardeners February is the month to get back out there and start making the most of the garden, to prepare it for the spring and the summer. February is a time when we start to see life returning to the earth – you may notice the early signs of this all around you when you are walking about, from the beautiful white snowdrops, the first flowers to herald the warmer days ahead, as well as the trees starting to burst into bud – look out for Hazel catkins, and the distinctive black buds on an ash tree.

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Although it may be pretty cold at times still, now is when you can start to prepare your garden for the spring. Here are some of the things to do in the garden during February…

Prepare the Nest Boxes – In the next few weeks, birds will start to look for a mate and you may have already noticed the birdsong is becoming louder in the mornings. They will soon be looking for a place to build a nest to rear their young. Put up nest boxes in sheltered spots around your garden to help them. If you already have nest boxes, empty out any detritus from last year (use a damp cloth to wipe, not any chemical cleaners) so that they have a suitable place for the spring.

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Plan what you will Plant – Start to make plans for what you are going to be planting and when you will need to do it. Now is a good time to get this ready, so go to somewhere like this plants for trade supplier to stock up on plants, seeds and compost so that it is ready to use when you need it.

Tidy Up – This is also a time to prepare for all the productivity – give the greenhouse a good tidy up and get it all organised ready for you to start planting in there. Cleaning all the glass is a good thing to do now, as it will increase the amount of light going in the greenhouse. You can also tidy the garden itself, getting rid of any leaves and debris that have blown in over the winter.

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