Low self-esteem? What is it and how to improve it?

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Low self-esteem is a generalized negative attitude towards ourselves, we do not feel our value and we are not aware and satisfied with what we feel when we do a certain task.

If you suffer from low self-esteem, you also feel a sense of emptiness, loneliness, ineffectiveness, and fear of living.

When you are self-esteem, you are able to take on responsibilities and respect your needs and emotions, but at the same time, you are able to meet the needs and needs of others.

Low self-esteem risks losing sight of the goals of your life and the relationship with others is compromised.

Those who suffer from low self-esteem usually have no clear goals and no access to their potential.

In essence, those with low self-esteem have a sense of mistrust in themselves and in others, as well as being unable to listen deeply within themselves and identify their goals for life.

It is also strongly dependent on others and their judgment. He is eager for their consent and cannot make autonomous choices.

Even emotions are poorly controlled, usually acting impulsively and not having a personal life project.

If you suffer from low self-esteem, you will realize that you are very anxious. Indeed, people with poor self-esteem prevail in anxiety disorders and a passive behavioral style.

We find ourselves, on the other hand, people who are ostracized with self-esteem and are aggressive and obstinate … They appear to be very self-confident and convinced they are always right.

In these situations, these are feelings of greatness or hypertrophic self-esteem, where there is an attitude of superiority and contempt for the other.

It is a defensive attitude towards self and the very same experience of inferiority that is compensated by great attitudes.

If you know that some people around you or sometimes you yourself have these attitudes know that even in this case is a problem of low self-esteem and in severe cases you can turn into a narcissistic personality disorder.

Sometimes the low self-esteem is masked defensively by attitudes of contempt and arrogance.

The main symptoms of low self-esteem in general are …

  • Affective Dependency
  • Insecurity
  • Indecision
  • Food disturbances
  • Mood disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders

Start building and developing your self-esteem

Improving self-esteem is vital to living your life balance.

To improve self-esteem you have to learn to work on your Negative Mental Habits and your irrational and dysfunctional fears and thoughts.

The beliefs you have on yourself, your abilities and qualities, and above all the thoughts you make, affect the image you have.

Are you willing to change?

If you are willing to change you really want to, and above all you have to believe it.

It is possible that your defensive mechanisms will block you and keep you in a state of pain, unless you really want to recognize your self-defaming self-defense defenses and keep you from progressing.

Improving self-esteem is also very important for your interpersonal relationships.

In fact, your level of self-esteem influences your communicative style in relationships with others.

Then Improve Your Self-esteem! Learn how to develop your personal security and start believing in yourself!

But … Above all, be yourself always!

By improving your self-esteem, you can relax and improve yourself. You can shed light on your life and begin to see what the root of your malaise is. You can begin to feel yourself master of yourself and find out your true skills to walk your way of life with serenity and happiness.

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