The 19 Most Amazing Moments Of The DC Film Universe … Until Now …

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It is strange to be able to affirm it after the chaos that has surrounded the last phases of its production, the relays in the direction, the reshoots and the problems with the mustache of Henry Cavill but, at last, ‘Justice League’ is about to disembark in our movie theaters.

The arrival of the super group by antonomasia of Detective Comics is preceded by the disappointing ‘Suicide Squad’ and three estimable feature films that I will always defend at full speed as they are ‘The steel man’, ‘Batman v Superman’ and ‘Wonder Woman’. Ribbons that, in addition to serving as the prelude to the first large crossover of the DC Extended Universe, have ruled us a handful of spectacular moments that we will remember in the next lines.

The destruction of Krypton (‘The man of steel’)

Except for the uncomfortable to see how Zod and his henchmen are exiled from the home planet of Kal-El aboard aircraft with a more than obvious shape of a penis, we must recognize that the prologue of ‘The man of steel’ set in Krypton It is a true marvel in terms of production design. Special mention for the moment of its destruction, after which the capsule that transports the newborn destined to become Superman is revealed.

The rescue on the oil platform (‘The man of steel’)

Clark’s first major demonstration of power in ‘The Man of Steel’ also helps to describe his innate nature as a hero without the need to wear his mythical blue and red suit. After seeing the oil rig burning, Kent does not think twice and throws himself to the rescue of the survivors, holding the gigantic metal structure in a spectacular sequence.

The first flight of Superman (‘The man of steel’)

One of the most exciting moments of the first contribution of Zack Snyder to the DCEU is centered on the first Superman flight. The voiceover of Russel Crowe giving life to Jor-El, the compasses of the splendid soundtrack of Hans Zimmer and the solemnity of the scene are capable of making my hair stand on end a thousand times. If in 78 Richard Donner made half the world believe that a man could fly, in 2013 Snyder got it again.

The fight in Smallville (‘The man of steel’)

With this battle between Superman, Faora -interpreted by an imposing Antje Traue- and the rest of Zod’s followers, Zack Snyder deployed his artillery for the first time and gave us an appetizer of all the destruction that was to come, this time in the streets of Smallville. The train exploding to later be used as a projectile to destroy the Sears continues to leave me speechless every time I see it.

The destruction of Metropolis (‘The man of steel’)

General Zod has launched his device to terraform our planet and the city of Metropolis is being the first victim of his power. How could it be otherwise, the consequence of this is, as the Megadeth would say, an authentic symphony of destruction with people fleeing in terror, collapsing skyscrapers, fire, glass, metal and death everywhere.

The execution of Zod (‘The man of steel’)

Undoubtedly, one of the most controversial decisions of ‘The Man of Steel’ was to kill Superman. His victim was General Zod, whom Kal-El breaks his neck to prevent him from murdering a group of innocents to, after the execution, launch a heartbreaking cry of rage and despair. If we take into account that this scene is preceded by one of the best fights that the superhero cinema has seen, its appearance in this list is more than justified.

The murder of the Wayne (‘Batman v Superman’)

The death of Thomas and Martha Wayne at the hands of Joe Chill in the Alley of Crime is already part of the collective imagination, and it was not necessary at all to repeat it to understand the genesis of the batman. However, Zack Snyder took off this fantastic montage sequence included in the credits of ‘Batman v Superman’ to remind us of the tragic event in an unbeatable way and displaying a visual powerhouse brand.

The chase on board the Batmobile (‘Batman v Superman’)

Bruce Wayne’s new batmobile is a true marvel, halfway between the Tumblr in the trilogy of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight and the most ostentatious sports car. With such a plant, his debut had to be at the height, and had as an excuse this pursuit at full speed and full of action that ended with the first and imposing face to face between Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman that we have seen on the big screen.

Bruce’s nightmare (‘Batman v Superman’)

The chaotic montage of the theatrical version of ‘Batman v Superman’ -solvated in the fantastic Ultimate Cut- did a disservice to the inclusion of this great sequence in the final footage, but the narrative awkwardness is more than compensated by the fantastic setting of the nightmare of Bruce in which, in addition to seeing a first sign of the coming of Darkseid, we discovered a Superman with his own army in the purest Injustice style that makes the hair stand on end.

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Batman vs. Superman (‘Batman v Superman’)

The moment that many of us dreamed of seeing in real action after reading “The Return of the Dark Knight” by Frank Miller eventually materialized in a brief but intense fight between the masked crusader and the steel man who left us salivating. Yes, even when I unlock the missile shield, both superheroes discover that their mothers are called Martha – few of us had fallen into detail before – and Bruce sees Clark finally as an equal and a possible ally.

The fight in the warehouse (‘Batman v Superman’)

From the first passages of ‘Batman v Superman’ it is clear that the dark knight we all knew has changed slightly, which extends to his now brutal – and lethal – combat techniques. The traumas experienced during his time as protector of Gotham have turned him into a veritable killing machine without remorse, and this is reflected in the brutal fight in the warehouse, where for the first time the fighting style is perfectly captured on camera of Batman.

The full trinity (‘Batman v Superman’)

The stellar appearance of Wonder Woman during the battle with Doomsday made it very difficult to resist applauding, especially when Zack Snyder first showed us the Trinity of DC in all its glory on a plane that could have been the cover of a comic. Seeing the Amazon leading the contest and making use of her power was one of the best fragments of the entire film.

The death of Superman (‘Batman v Superman’)

There is no messianic figure without a death – and later resurrection. Goodman Superman was at the hands-or claws-of Doomsday and before the eyes of a shattered Lois Lane who mourned the death of her boyfriend to the disheveled presence of Batman and Wonder Woman who looked up at the sky remembering the sacrifice of Steve Trevor cruising the skies during World War I.

The jump to the chemical tank (‘Suicide Squad’)

When I think of ‘Suicide Squad’ I only find a series of diffuse images in my mind, highlighting all of them in which Dr. Harleen Quinzel – before becoming Harley Quinn – jumps into a chemical waste tank as a sign of love unconditional towards the infamous Joker. Gold example of the harmful relationship between both characters crowned by a top plane in which the colors red and blue envelop the couple while kissing.

The training of Diana (‘Wonder Woman’)

In this training sequence of the fantastic ‘Wonder Woman’ of Patty Jenkins, not only find a contact with the warrior Diana, but also with the myth of the woman wonder. After demonstrating her good hand on the battlefield facing Robin Wright’s Antíope, the princess unleashes all the power of her submission bazaars involuntarily, leaving her aunt in the dust and the respectable with her jaw unhinged.

The alley (‘Wonder Woman’)

Behind a normal guy like Steve Trevor there is a great wonder woman who also saves the day. This great scene affects even more the feminist look of the film, and it does so by mixing a brief but well executed fight with a touch of humor that feels great. Steve continues discovering the secrets that the apparently fragile Diana can hide and the enemy agents end up knowing that he knows the Amazon’s fist.

The sequence of the trenches (‘Wonder Woman’)

We are probably in the best sequence of the whole movie. In addition to seeing Wonder Woman for the first time in all its splendor, with its full uniform and no disguise that is worth, and to attend a first class show in terms of action is concerned, this passage of the trenches serves to delve into the psyche of the protagonist, in her evolution and in the understanding of the world that surrounds her.

The farewell of Steve (‘Wonder Woman’)

The most emotional moment of ‘Wonder Woman’ is the one in which Diana remembers when she needs him the last words of Steve before giving his life for the greater good. After seeing how the Amazon has finished processing the meaning of love, it especially hurts to hear the soldier say that “I wish we had more time” while she continues to be stunned.

The battle against Ares (‘Wonder Woman’)

Obviously, the great pyrotechnic festival of the solo movie of Wonder Woman had to appear on this list. Yes, the use of CGI may be somewhat exaggerated, but seeing Wonder Woman make use of all her skills and tools to face the very god of war is a real pleasure. And if you also use the death of Steve Trevor to feed the fury and power of the Amazon, better than better.

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