10 basic tips for your garden in spring

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The season preferred by most of the lovers of gardening relieves the winter and gives the starting signal for the gardens of each house to recover the color and beauty of last year. For this, the winter should not have been time crossed arms and yes of maintenance and sanitation of the land. tips for your garden is good.

From now on the temperatures will go up, the days will be longer and there will be more sunlight hours for the plants. Soon we will begin to see the results of the effort and the time dedicated to the garden. And for the reward to be even better, there are some tips that can be followed in the coming weeks.

Sowing time

tips for your garden

Now that winter still does not finish and that spring takes time to settle, it is time to choose the flowers that we want to have. In these weeks of halftime is when sowing will be done. tips for your garden is good.

Depending on the species, it will be paid sooner or later, but always two weeks before its peak. On the other hand, in order to obtain better results with the substrate it is vital to make planting holes with porous materials (stones ).

Distance between plants

For flowering it is essential that there is sufficient space between each plant , although it will depend on the size of each one and how and how much we want them to grow. Also, if they are too close nutrients are removed between them, their growth potential is limited and they age faster.

The normal thing is that there is at least 30 centimeters of space, and from then on according to the size. If you are dealing with very bulky or spiky plants, you will have to train them to ensure their growth.

Attention to pests

tips for your garden

It is a very important moment to combat pests , as we enter a few weeks propitious for the appearance of aphids, woodlice, snails … Spring rains and the rise in temperatures are the perfect breeding ground for pests, so You have to be very careful and check if the leaves are damaged or there is a bug in them. It is also advisable to mow the lawn.

Lawn care

Removing the weeds and weeds that have appeared at the root is the first thing the lawn will ask for in order to look good. To level the terrain, it is necessary to lift the sunken areas by the rains. This is done with a cross cut and filling with substrate. The parts that, on the contrary, are more raised, will have to be flattened with a roller when the ground is dry. tips for your garden is good.

Inside plants

Spring is usually the season with more humidity and this also affects indoor plants. In these months they will need to be irrigated with more frequencies or, if necessary, also the land will be changed.

Take advantage of the space

You have to take advantage of it until the last corner of the garden, seeing which species would adapt better to each zone. In this sense, areas that remain in the shade for a large part of the day can also have their charm. The ferns , maples, adapt and grow very well in these areas. tips for your garden is good.

It brings colorful

tips for your garden

Play with the dimensions and shapes of your garden . The creepers are a good way to fill gaps – on a wall, around a window or on the edge of the garden – and also provide a more wild feel, as if nature invaded the garden. They are also a good method to gain some shade naturally and there are all colors, like the Pea smell.

Enrich the earth

There are some homemade tricks to enhance and improve the properties of the substrate . So that the plants do not lack any nutrient, there are those who suggest to bury remains of food around the plants and mix them with the substrate. It is also common for those who also have an aquarium, use the water of this (when renewed) to water the plants and thus take the excrement as fertilizer. tips for your garden is good.


tips for your garden

The ideal would be to have an automatic irrigation system that ensures the good maintenance of the garden, especially if it is large and it takes a long time to irrigate each plant. But it is not always possible to have automatic watering, so instead you can simulate drip irrigation by making a small hole in a water bottle and placing it near each plant.

Clean the leaves

Especially in the case of indoor plants , in which inevitably dust accumulates on the leaves. It can be done simply by passing a small rag gently.


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