TOP 10 Cities to visit in Italy at least once in a lifetime

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In Italy it is really difficult to choose only 10 cities to visit , in fact it would be worth visiting them all or better still living in Italy. With this in mind, the following list includes the most tourist cities in Italy, and those, in my opinion, every tourist should visit at least once in their life. visit in Italy is interesting.

TOP 10 Cities to visit in Italy

1.- Rome – eternal city

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I do not know can start for another city that is not Rome . It is undoubtedly the Italian city most visited by tourists from around the world. As I mentioned in other post, Rome needs at least 3 days of visit . You can visit the archaeological zone Colosseum – Imperial Forums, continue to the center Pantheon, Fontana di Trevi. Another day dedicate it to the Vatican and its museums . And the third day visit the whole peripheral area of ​​the catacombs and close with a night of drinks in the trastevere.

2.- Venice – romantic city

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Another city that you can not miss in Italy. Venice is a unique city and living it, even for a day, is like living a dream. What can I say, it is a city that falls in love! When it is called romantic, we talk about all the experience of visiting it, not just being accompanied by the person you love. Do not forget to visit its islands: What to see and what to do in Murano , Visit and know Torcello . visit in Italy is interesting.

3.- Naples – Authentic city

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Naples , for me, is the city that represents the collective imaginary of Italian. I do not mean that all Italians are like the Neapolitans, but if they ask any foreigner outside Italy, how are the Italians? They will surely describe a Napolitan! They are common places, but as a foreigner in Italy, they will have a world in Naples. It is chaotic, beautiful, intense. If they are Latino, they may feel a little at home!

4.- Milan – Modern city

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When you think of Milan, you think of a cold, commercial city. Maybe it really is, but as tourists, if you want to see a positive Italy, that works and that creates interesting things, Milan is undoubtedly a city to visit. They will be able to attend Fashion events, design events, technological museums, the heart of the Milan and Inter teams. In short, modern and ancient in perfect symbiosis. visit in Italy is interesting.

5.- Florence – City of art

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Florence is perfect for lovers of museums and art in general. You can spend hours and hours in the Uffizi Gallery, the Accademia Gallery (to see the famous David de Miguél Ángel), the Duomo and the Batistero, and walk along its beautiful old bridge. Visiting Florence is a cultural and, why not, spiritual therapy.

6.- Turin – City ignored

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The only mistake that Turin has made is to be in Italy, do not misunderstand me, in the sense that if Turin were not Italian it would be much more visited. I call it ignored, because many tourists do not even know of its existence, or if they know it, they do not think it’s worth visiting. Maybe I am part of it because I lived in Turin for 3 years, but for me it is beautiful, romantic, modern, cordial and above all touristy. Whether it’s the Castle, the Antonelliana Tower, the historic center, the Egyptian museum, the appetizers, the Superga or the Juventus, everything it offers is wonderful. visit in Italy is interesting.

7.- Palermo – City of the sun

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Palermo unites the best of food, the atmosphere of summer, the history and quiet life of Italy. It has much to offer its tourists, not only for its architecture, natural environments, beaches, ancient grottoes, tradition, gastronomy, but for the ability to transmit a way of life. It is a strange sensation, how to symbiotically connect with the city.

8.- Lecce – White City

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In the south of Italy there are many cities worth visiting, without a doubt Lecce is one of them. It has a lot of impact on its ordered historic center and above all its white one. You can walk through its narrow streets and feel lost in a distant time. The food is excellent and the people are friendly. visit in Italy is interesting.

9.- Verona – City of love

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Verona is known above all for Romeo and Juliet, but it is unfair to know her only because of it. They can fall in love with the whole city: Meet and visit Verona .

10.- Lampedusa – Tropical island

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Ok, Lampedusa is not a city, it is an island , which has nothing to envy to any tropical island. Sometimes distant goals are visited thinking of finding earthly paradise, not knowing that Italy can also offer stunning natural beauties. In recent years, Lampedusa has been known for being the center of arrival of immigrants from the sea, and has been under the mediatic eye. His people have given their best to help others, and-political opinions aside-we must give them credit for it. visit in Italy is interesting.


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