The best tips for buying a second-hand Mac

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One of the great advantages of buying an apple product is the resale value they have. That is why many users prefer to renew their equipment every few years losing little money in their sale, and always keeping up to date for little money. Apple is the brand whose price in the second-hand market better endures over the years. buying a second-hand Mac is cost effecting.

Still, it is always interesting to observe the second-hand Mac market before venturing to buy a new computer, either because our budget does not reach what we are looking for, or because we want to save some money in exchange for not buying the last shout , but that will also be perfect to meet our needs without problems.

How to make a safe purchase of our used equipment

buying a second-hand Mac

  • We must verify that we are buying the equipment that they promise us. To do this from the menu Apple> About this Mac, we can check the specifications that the seller says to have , either through a screenshot or if we are in person to buy it. In this section we can check the model, OS X version, the year of manufacture, processor, RAM memory or graphics card.buying a second-hand Mac is cost effecting.
  • Validate positively those computers that have SSD . It is an element that will provide us more speed than a more powerful processor, since the hard disk is always a bottleneck, so if you find a computer with a solid state drive but a more basic processor after another with a mechanical hard drive and more processor, get the first one.
  • Do not buy anything with less than 4 GB of RAM . For a basic use 4 GB of RAM is enough, although if you are going to work more intensively it is advisable to look for something with at least 8 GB of RAM. Flee configurations with 2 GB of RAM-unless you want to expand it just buy it, since it is almost impossible to work fluidly with that amount of memory.buying a second-hand Mac is cost effecting.
  • If we are going to buy a laptop, make sure of the battery’s condition, and that it is in good condition . A battery in the last will only give us a few minutes of autonomy, and we will have to replace it if we want to use the laptop away from the socket. Ask for a capture of the CoconutBattery application from the seller to check the state of the battery. Run away from batteries that are close to 1000 charge cycles, since from there they will begin to lose capacity progressively until they die.
  • Do not get tired of asking for pictures of every detail or angle , to verify that the equipment is in perfect condition and has not taken hits, unless that is not relevant for you and you do not mind to endure any blistering or scratching in exchange for a lower price. If the blow has not been great, this should not compromise at all in correct operation of the equipment, but it is better to prevent. buying a second-hand Mac is cost effecting.

Avoid this kind of maintenance or expansion, since in the long run you will spend more money than if you had bought a team that already brought all these things up to date . The most important thing is to buy with knowledge, walk with feet of lead to suspicious ads and not be in a hurry to buy the MacBook or iMac of our dreams, because at some point the perfect second-hand Mac that we were waiting for will appear. buying a second-hand Mac is cost effecting.

Finally, remember that if you buy a pre-owned equipment, the  law protects us with two years of warranty , and if the Mac that we buy is less than two years old, it will still have the guarantee, without having to do anything to continue valid. In addition, there are companies such as MCFactory that offer guaranteed second-hand Mac computers and certified to be checked to verify its perfect operation.


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